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In Red We Play


 --- DEFA2.0 News Conference & Signing Ceremony of Strategic Cooperation between Chongqing Lifan and Spain Granada

On July 27, the board chairman of Lifan Group Yin Mingshan, the president of Spanish Football League (LFP) Javier Tebas Medrano, the president of Desports and Granada Football Club Jiang Lizhang, the coach of Chongqing Lifan Football Club Jang Woe Ryong, the newly-appointed sporting director Tony Adams and former national football striker Hao Haidong, together with people from all circles at home and aboard witnessed the In Red We Play—DEFA2.0 press conference and also the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation between Chongqing Lifan and Spanish Granada.


DEFA means Deports Football Alliance. Early this March, DEFA has already launched which is led by Deports, cooperating with European top sports management company Media Base Sports (MBS), Italian football giant Pozzo family to make the layout of global football market.


On July 27, DEFA2.0 announced to bring Spain element into China, contributing the extraordinary world football DNA to China, to fulfill the promise of making contributions to China and even world football industry. And In Red We Play is the strategic theme of the signing ceremony.


At the news conference, Desports has become the exclusive business operation partner of Granada and Lifan in China, aiming to bring the mature business pattern of European middle and small football clubs into China; make Chongqing Lifan enjoy mature training system, football economy and business marketing resources.


Not only for bringing in, DEFA2.0 also makes contributions for Chinese football going aboard. As learned, several Lifan football players will have opportunities to learn and play football in Granada.


The future target of DEFA is not only this. Red Power is a kind of impetus, which will lead the three parts including the market innovation, origin plan and elite players to jointly achieve DEFA MORE plan. Finally DEFA will devote to build worldwide Chinese football star, making great contributions to Chinese football.