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The Launching Ceremony of Lifan Minitruck 1022 Was Held in Argentina


On August 12, Lifan Motors held the launching ceremony of mini truck 1022 in Argentina. Dealers, customers, the partner Shell Company and the mainstream media in Argentina were present at the ceremony, together witnessing Lifan Minitruck launching in Argentina.


At the ceremony, the buffet table is placed just on 1022, for providing dessert, cake and juice, And on the packing case of another 1022, there are television and loudspeaker box, highlighting the practicability of 1022.


Mr. Danial from Lifcar, the distributor of Lifan Motors in Argentina delivers a speech


The brand manager Paula introduced 1022 to the guests


The after-sales manager Alfredo introduced the after-sales policy

As learned, Lifan1022 inherits the feature of Lifan new products which is to bring higher practicability to customers. Lifan1022 equips 92 horsepower and 5MT, of which the rear drive provides larger controlling.

The packing case is 2.8m long and 1.52m wide, making full use of rear space. Besides, it equips air conditioner, AM/FM radio + AUX, daytime running lamp and ABS as well as EPS, promoting the controlling of urban driving. Due to the load capacity which is up to 650kg, Lifan1022 is of great competitiveness in Argentina. Currently 1022 dominates the field and is flexible in the market, which can meet different demands such as the transportation of glassworks, furniture store, nursery, grocery store and awkward cargo. 1022 is the ideal transportation truck.


At present, Lifan Motors has 9 dealers respectively in Buenos Aires, Rosario and Tierra del Fuego. Guaranteeing the complete after-sales service is the focus of Lifan in Argentina. In light of the cooperation agreement between Lifcar and Shell, Shell will provide the engine oil to the Lifan car users for free for the first maintenance.


The Lifan car user said while receiving the interview, the outstanding loading capacity of 1022 and its competitive price is the main reason for purchase.