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The 1st Top Sales Training of Lifan Motors Ended up with Success in Chongqing


On August 22, the 1st Top Sales Training of Lifan Motors ended up with success in Chongqing which lasts for three and a half days. 18 sales elites of Lifan Motors respectively from Russia, Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Iran, Chile, Ethiopia and Bolivia gathered in Chongqing and took part in the training organized by the headquarter of Lifan Motors. During the training, Lifan Motors adopts spot interaction, practice and concentrated comments teaching method abandoning the traditional cramming system, originally integrating five languages into the same class which has overcome the language barriers. The training has not only improved the sales capacity of the sales elites from different countries, but also increased the cohesive force between Lifan Group and the dealers. Especially under the situation of world depressed economy, the training makes the dealers closer with Lifan Motors.


At the training class, the sales elites are classified into four groups (English, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese language). The experienced trainer from Lifan Group elaborates 10 sales standard procedures of Lifan Motors: selling concept—pre-sales preparation—welcome guests—inquire demands—product introduction—test drive simulation—win-win negotiation—contract signing—perfect delivery—service tracking.
For making a better training, the class adopts spot interaction, practice and concentrated comments teaching method. Through a series of steps including the trainer elaborates the sales process concept; the group members enter another room for practice; and the trainer makes practical teaching as per the trainees’ practice results, fully motivating the trainees’ interest of learning. While the trainees enter another room for practice, there is a live video to make other members and the trainer directly watch their performance. The integration of modern technology and teaching practice brings more possibilities to the training class. The trainer and trainees exchange their ideas on the marketing and sales, creating an active learning atmosphere.


The class takes spot interaction and practice as the evaluation basis, respectively setting up individual bonus and group bonus, fully mobilizing the learning initiative of the trainees, and cultivating the awareness of teamwork which makes the class tense but relaxing. Finally three trainees respectively from Iran, Russia and Ethiopia won the excellent individual bonus and the Brazilian group won the excellent group bonus.
In the meantime, Lifan awarded the trainees the certificate of appointment for being the trainer in their country. And they will retrain other sales personnel on the selling concept and method of Lifan Motors.
Besides training, Lifan Motors guided the sales elites to visit the head office of Lifan Group and production lines, fully reflecting the strength of Lifan Group. All Sales elites give high praise to Lifan.


And Lifan Motors also guided the sales elites to appreciate the natural scenery and local customs of Chongqing. Facing Chongqing local cate, the trainees showed their great interest.

What is more, Lifan Group held a test drive activity of new products for all the trainees. The test drive models cover all-new products including the SUV models Lifan X7, LifanX60 2016, 6 series sedan Lifan620II and X80, making every trainee to experience each car’s appearance, performance and other characteristics.


During the test drive, all trainees gave high praise to Lifan cars, all agreeing that Lifan cars are of great competitiveness no matter on appearance design, configurations or cost performance.


The success of the training has improved the practical overseas sales skill of Lifan Motors. Meanwhile it makes the sales elites deeply perceive the standardized flow of Lifan Motors sales. With the close cooperation during the training, the cohesive force between Lifan Group and dealers is further enhanced. At the depressed economic environment, the training makes Lifan’s overseas dealers closer with Lifan which will further accelerate Lifan Motors’ exploration at overseas market, realizing the Going Out faster and steadier.