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Lifan Football Player’s Trial at Spanish Football Club Granada


 Lately, Chongqing Lifan Football Club and Spanish Granada Football Club have reached the agreement that the player Feng Jin, who is called Chongqing Messi, will fly to Granada Football Club for trial on August 20. The local emerging football star will have the football journey in Europe to launch a new chapter for his football career.


This July, Chongqing Lifan Football Club and Granada Football Club reached the strategic cooperation to jointly launch brand new international football industry mode. Exchanging the excellent football player is one of the cooperation highlights. Feng Jin will firstly go to Granada for trial and Granada Club will determine if choosing Fen Jin as their player according to his level and status. No matter Feng Jin will join the first team or team B, the top-level training and competition in Spain will help him improve the comprehensive quality. Feng Jin said that going to Spain for playing football was his dream which he cannot believe it just comes true. 


Feng Jin’s trial to Spanish football club is the result for Desports’ successful operation, which has launched the new mode for Chinese football player going to Europe. The top management of Desports said that they hoped more Chinese players could go to European top-level league for practice through the talent output mode, naturally to cultivate more talents for Chongqing or even China football. This time, besides the normal training and competition, the Desports has arranged the Chinese personnel in charge of the diet and daily life for Feng Jin, helping him adapt to the new environment as soon as possible.