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Pand Auto Successfully Elects the Project Endorsers in Chongqing Building the First Platform for Ne


 On July 31, the unveiling ceremony of the project endorsers for Pand Auto was successfully held at internet industrial park in Chongqing. 9 persons are elected to be the endorsers, announcing that the time-sharing stations of Pand Auto have been successfully placed at the nine major districts in Chongqing. Later Pand Auto will accelerate completing the integral arrangement in the aspect of business, housing and outing, indicating that the strategic development of Pand Auto has stepped into a new stage, which may become the first platform of Chinese new energy car outing.


As learned, Pand Auto is the first time-sharing lease project in China which has realized the online operation and car returning in different places. The project employs car networking installation and mobile internet application, abandoning the traditional complicated car lease procedures which provides customer with environmental friendly, easy and high cost performance trip mode. Different from other new energy cars, all the new energy cars on the Pand Auto platform currently adopt battery swapping mode. Thus unrestricted by the lots of charging stations and charging time, Pand Auto has become the new energy time-sharing lease project with the fastest development.