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Mobile Name Card Is Coming into Play Lifan Motors Carries out the Training on Taxi Function


 On September 9, Lifan 530 taxi inauguration ceremony was held in Moxico Square in Addis, Ababa, Ethiopia, which was the best gift for Ehtiopian New Year. The 821 Lifan530 will be as the Mobile Name Card in Addis Ababa, fully indicating the strength of Made in China, which will become the standard for taxi in Ethiopia in the future.


On September 24, after all 821 Lifan530 were delivered, Lifan Motors Ethiopia and Ethiopian taxi association together organized all the members of the taxi association to carry on a detailed training in the aspect of performance feature, function and taximeter instruction.


At the training, to guarantee the thorough implementation of the training and make the taxi association members get full knowledge of the characteristics and usage mode of the customized taxi, Lifan Motors Ethiopia adopts video teaching, displaying the full process from the production to logistics as well as all functions of the taxi. Meanwhile, Lifan Motors Ethiopia dispatches the manager of the service station to answer the function problems occurred lately, of whom the professional know-how has got the praise from taxi association.


Through the training, Lifan Motors has improved Ethiopian taxi owners’ familiarity and understanding to the customized Lifan530 taxi, further advancing the implementation of taxi using standard; improving the main business level of local taxi and promoting the sound development of Ethiopian taxi industry.