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Brazilian Lifan Football Fans Arrived in Chongqing for Watching Lifan Match


On October 14, 2016, the special guests from Brazil arrived in Chongqing. They are Lifan auto users in Brazil and also the fans of Lifan football club. After arriving in Chongqing, the three-day lasting football tour started.


After appreciating the natural scenery and humanity construction in Chongqing, on the afternoon of 15th, October, the Brazilian football fans visited the player pre-competition training in Chongqing Olympic Center. Under the lead of Brazilian coach, the training was just like the enthusiastic samba, making the fans give high praise and they believed that the match next day would succeed.

After the pre-competition training, the Brazilian fans had an enthusiastic interaction with the Brazilian coach and players, showing their love and expectation to Lifan football club. Especially the two Brazilian lifan players Kardec and Fernando who are quite popular in Brazil had excellent performance lately in China. During the interaction, the Brazilian coach and players also told the fans their wonderful memories in Chongqing which made themselves feel at home.


On October 16, Chongqing Lifan was at the home match against Liaoning Hongyuan. The Brazilian football fans cheered up for Lifan with Chongqing dialect, which made Chonqing feel the enthusiasm from Brazilian fans. After the match started, Lifan mastered the initiative that the Brazilian football player Kardec firstly scored, upsurging the enthusiasm of all fans. Finally Lifan defeated Liaoning with 2:1 which made Brazilian football fans in their big praise.


Brazilian football fans said that Lifan Motors enjoyed high reputation in Brazil and they took to Chonqing Lifan football club due to Lifan Motors. The journey to Lifan football was perfect. And as the representative of Brazilian Lifan football fans, they felt very lucky. The face-to-face communication with idols and watching them playing at the football pitch was the unique experience and memory to them. Lifan football players performed very well especially the Brazilian ones which made Brazilian football fans feel much honored. The enthusiasm of Chongqing Lifan football fans also impressed them a lot, making them feel like in Brazil.