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The President of Lifan Group Mark Timber Is Present at China-Latin Business Summit


The 10th China-Lac Business Summit opened in Tangshan, Hebei on October 14. This summit focuses on exploring the new area for China-Lac trade investment, new mode of enterprise cooperation and new content of business association service under the background of Chinese economic development entering new normalcy and the economic growth of Latin American countries slowing down. Mark Timber, the president of Lifan Group, was present at the summit.


Mark Timber said, at the sub-forum titled as Expanding Chinese-Lac Cooperation Frontier Domains with Innovation, Lifan might open up two businesses including new energy car and auto finance in Latin America.

Mark said to the journalist, though Latin American economy was still in sluggish recovery, the Brazilian Real may rise again quickly. And the local market and neighboring market have appeared the momentum of growth. “ For us, taking up market is of more importance.” He said also, “economic crisis is not frightened that the other side of danger is opportunity. We are the optimists and think the prospect is of brilliance.”
Uruguay is the market full of Chinese cars. Lifan and Chery respectively finished assembly in Uruguay and export to the South American Community of Nations. As far as Lifan, the attraction from Uruguay is not only due to the location which is next to Brazil, but also the open policy environment in Uruguay.


Lifan considers taking Uruguay as the access board to enter larger Latin American market. So far, Lifan has accumulated in investing 150 million USD in Uruguay. At present, Latin American business has occupied about 20% Lifan’s overseas business.

In terms of how to cope with the competition with Chinese auto makers, Mark is of the opinion that the most important thing is to make clear the need of local market. Besides, he also emphasized the importance of resource integration. “We have another upgrading that is to make traditional energy car to new energy car.” said Mark, the development of new energy car is of great potential in Latin American market which attaches great importance on new energy.”

“We have a big plan in China, that is to launch 300,000 electric cars within 50 years.”He said, “ each electric car can reduce 4.32 tons of carbon dioxide emission each year. 300,000 cars are just the 1.3 million tons. Thus we are eager to launch the project in South America. Meanwhile we can also launch time-sharing lease and establish energy station.”

Mark said currently there was no Chinese auto enterprise launching new energy car in Latin America, but it would be the new direction for the cooperation between China and Latin America in the future. “The president of Uruguay Tabare Vazquez, vice president of China Li Yuanchao both mentioned the importance of new energy at the summit. New energy is our big dream in the future. ”

Besides, Mark said Lifan would continue to explore the possibility of taking up auto finance in Latin America. “As long as the country provides political support, as the private enterprise, we can go anywhere need us”