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China Circuit Carnival Turns on the Passion of Supercar


----Pand Auto creates the pioneer for electric car driving on F1 circuit 

On October 22, 2016, the China Circuit Carnival grandly opened in Shanghai International Circuit of which the predecessor is the Dream Speed Festival, originating from Chinese only supercar grand gathering on F1 circuit. It is also the top gathering for Chinese supercar owner.


The carnival is star-studded. A panda-like auto, appearing at the same circuit with top supercars such as Zonda, AM-RB001 etc, turns out to be the biggest surprise at this carnival. The panda-like auto is just one of the sponsors of the carnival—new energy auto smart travel platform Pand Auto. The Pand Auto appearing at China Circuit Carnival indicates that the civil electric car firstly enters F1 circuit.


12 Pand autos are driven by the big shots in supercar circle which have run through 6 circles of the F1 circuit, manifesting its excellent performance. The advantage of no emission and noise has been strongly proved on the circuit. At the area of test drive, a lot of audiences come for personal drive to get more knowledge of Pand and experience the performance and comfort. And the audience also tried the keyless operation of Pand Auto through app process. Pand staff showed audiences with the internet+ smart travelling functions such as remote booking, cellphone unlock, car return at any time and mobile payment, building the sharing economy and low-carbon transport option.


The circuit carnival ended up with success. And Pand bringing the environmental friendly and smart internet impressed all. Next Pand will continue to appear everywhere around the city with its high cost-performance transport mode.