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Brazil Relayed the Top Sales Training of Lifan Motors


On October 17, 2016, Lifan Motors Brazil made a special training on sales process which further spread the top sales service philosophy of Lifan headquarter to Brazil.


There are 35 sales managers from different dealers coming to take part in the training. The trainers Caio, Leo and Marcelo who took part in the Top Sales Training in China this August are in charge of retraining this time. The training is mainly about the Lifan Brazil standard sales process which has localized the Chinese sales process, aiming to enhance the dealers’ service awareness; penetrate Lifan service philosophy; improve the service level to provide customers with better purchase experience as well as improve customers’ satisfaction.


The sales managers taking part in the training say that the training has refreshing their knowledge to the sales process. And they will make the optimization in light of Lifan standard; strengthen the management with scientific approach; stimulate the salesman to be top one and provide better service to the customers.


As learned, the sales manager of the dealer Lifan Atria located in Campinas Mr. Leo has made the adjustment according to the top sales process after he took part in the training in China this August. The adjustment includes that executing Chinese morning meeting, preparation before customer’s arrival, paying a return visit etc. to strengthen the sales service level of the team. Through this adjustment, the customer satisfaction and dealing efficiency have been greatly improved. Leo said, the scientific process made a higher-level team that they would keep optimizing and training to make every salesman be the top one.

While attaching great importance on the after-sales service, Lifan Motors Brazil also strengthens the improvement of pre-sales service, building Service Lifan on the basis of Quality Lifan to guarantee the customers’ satisfaction.