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The President of Lifan Group Mark Timber Is Present at China International Industry Fair: Russia is


On November 1, the 18th China International Industry Fair was open in National Expo Center (Shanghai). The minister of Russia Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov, the minister of China Mnistry of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei, deputy secretary general of Shanghai municipal government Jin Xingming were present at the fair. The president of Lifan Group Mark Timber was invited to participate in the fair.


The industry fair was held in National Expo Center from November 1 to 5. The scale of the exhibition is over 270,000 ㎡ and more than 2300 Chinese and overseas exhibitors come to participate, hitting a new record for the quantity of the exhibitors. Russia is invited to be the Guest of the Honor of this industry fair. It is a significant year for carrying out Made in China 2025 and this industry fair takes Innovation, Intelligence and Green as the subject, firstly introducing the mechanism of Guest of the Honor; newly set up the exhibition area of green industrial park; establish the cooperation forum, fully indicating the exhibition philosophy of carrying out five new ideas of development and serving national strategy.


At the plenary meeting of China-Russia business forum, Mark Timber said,“since Chinese reform and opening-up policy, Chinese economic development and industrial progress make the enterprises have more opportunities to set up. And with the development of manufacturing and under the support of national policy, the enterprise has got better opportunities to go overseas. The process for going overseas needs the enterprise increasingly to explore and innovate, providing power for better development after going overseas”


Currently Lifan has established 23 factories around the world including 6 overseas factories located in Vietnam, Turkey, Thailand, Ethiopia, Uruguay and Russia (under construction). The products of Lifan Group have been exported to 165 countries and regions including Southeast Asia, West Asia, Europe, Africa and America. And there are over 500 entity sales networks globally. The export revenue of Lifan Group covers about 50% of the total revenue. And Lifan export keeps No.1 in Chongqing manufacturing industry for years.

Talking about Lifan’s development in the Guest of the Honor Russia, Mark said, “Russian market is TOP10 around the world, which is the most important market of Lifan globalized strategy.” He also mentioned, “ Russian government attaches great importance on the auto industry, creating a good market environment for Lifan. With the strong covering capacity of Russian market, Lifan Motors takes Russian market as the diving board that about 15% cars have been exported to Belarus and Kazakhstan. ”

Since entering Russian market in 2007, Lifan has employed all the means these years to establish a series of excellent solutions in the aspect of product, brand, service, technology, talent, localization, capital and finance. Currently Lifan has been No. 1 sales among Chinese brands for consecutive five years. In 2016, Russian auto association granted Lifan the title of Most Famous Chinese Brand.” Mark said, “ Lifan will focus on exploring new opportunities in Russia in the future. The parallel imported cars, wood, food and other businesses will all take into consideration. In the future, Lifan considers bringing new energy cars to Russia. Each electric car can reduce the emission of carbon dioxide of 4.32 tons. The 300,000 cars are even 1,300,000 tons. We are eager to popularize the EV project. We do believe, with the great support of Russian government, Russian auto industry will accomplish great deeds.”

As learned, 2017 China International Industry Fair will be held in Russia. The minister of Russia Ministry of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov has invited Lifan Group to participate. And Lifan may exhibit its new energy cars at the fair.