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Lifan Motors Brings New Energy Products to the 120th Canton Fair


On October 15, 120th Canton Fair was held in Canton, China. Under the circumstance that the world economy is in deep adjustment and Chinese economy faces downward pressure which needs the development of foreign trade keeping steady, the Canton Fair bears the responsibility of launching foreign trade enterprises transformation, supporting independent brand expanding overseas and cultivating the new advantage of foreign trade competition.

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As the leading exporting enterprise in Chongqing, Lifan Motors, bringing its new energy models including C3, 100E and VV, shows Lifan’s future development strategy. Lifan Motors will be devoted to launch the innovative system establishment focusing on intellectual property rights, to increasingly improve and integrate into the international industrial specialization, occupying the peak point of future development.


During the Canton Fair, Lifan booth attracted a lot of foreign buyers, receiving over 200 guests each day. As the famous exporting enterprise, with years’ market exploring, Lifan has accumulated its own loyal customers that made the Canton Fair as the platform for deep cooperation between Lifan and the old customers. According to incomplete statistics, over 60 overseas potential orders at this Canton Fair have been reached, covering different countries and areas, all of which are in the active negotiation.