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Lifan New Energy Intelligent Blue Strategy Is in Full Operation


 --The First Central New Energy Station of Yifeng Energy Is Officially Launched
On November 1, the launching ceremony of the first centralized energy station built by Yifeng Energy was held in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing. The launching of the energy station indicates that Lifan new energy i. Blue. 1.0 (intelligent blue strategy) has achieved phased great results.

The first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy was officially launched.

i.Blue 1.0 aims to construct the integral industry chain of new energy car, making Lifan go across in the auto industry. The strategy contains four core plans including deep blue energy, new blue product, comprehensive blue life and azure blue finance, launching lifan new energy industry respectively in the aspect of energy, product, operation and financial service.


At the ceremony, Lifan officially launched the first centralized energy station, demonstrating the innovative technology of replacing the battery of the new energy car within 3 minutes with the help of the robot. The vice board chairman of Lifan Group, chief scientist Chen Wei said that this would be the landmark event in the development history of new energy car. Over 200 people including officials from Chongqing, Chengdu, Zhengzhou, Mianyang and Jiyuan, together with the media, suppliers, service providers witnessed the significant moment of launching Lifan’s first centralized new energy station.


Vice board chairman of Lifan Group, chief scientist Chen Wei elaborates the concept of energy internet.

National leading electric auto binning battery replacement technology and standard
The first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy is located in Liangjiang New Area, Chongqing, covering 5mu. The specialty of the energy station is that the energy station adopts binning battery replacement technology which can finish replacing the battery within three minutes. Meanwhile, for the purpose of sharing the social resource, the station can also provide quick charging service to the new energy cars of other brands, hereafter in avoid of the impact to the power grid.

The full view of Yifeng energy station

In light of the demand for function, the first centralized energy station is built to three floors of a building that each floor has clear function. The floor 1 is the battery storage area which mainly uses for the storage of the auto battery and the intelligent charging of the battery. The floor 2 is the battery replacement area which is also the service area, mainly replacing the battery of new energy cars. This floor is just the same with the traditional gasoline station which integrates with the function of supermarket and washroom. The floor 3 is the energy collection storage area that there is covered with the solar energy collecting device at the roof to realize the collection and storage of the solar energy.

The first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy

Battery replacement within three minutes meets the needs of 2000 cars.
Lifan energy station mainly adopts battery replacement to extend the driving range of electric cars. The car owner only needs easy operation to quick replace the battery with the help of the battery replacement robot. The average battery replacement time is three minutes for each new energy car. And the operation is more convenient than the traditional gasoline station. Lifan energy station can make charging to nearly 16000 batteries which means that an energy station can make the battery replacement for 2000 new energy cars each day.

The first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy launched. The staff is replacing the battery for an electric car.

Intelligent operation gets rid of battery fear and mileage worry
The deputy general manager of Yifeng Energy Wu Jifu said, the energy station was not only for providing convenient and quick battery replacement service to new energy cars, more importantly, we could make full use of the database of the energy station to make intelligent management of the new energy car’s battery. And we could monitor the battery storage status through the internet of things and car networking to guarantee the safe, stable and reliable work of the battery.

Lifan energy station adopts intelligent battery charging mode. According to the electric volume, make constant temperature balance charging to guarantee the stability of the battery and the lifetime up to the hilt; reduce the consuming cost and eliminate car user’s battery fear. The intelligent battery management system of Lifan energy station also possesses the function of battery volume monitoring to remind the user to replace the battery in time. In line with user’s distance, the station can also provide the battery delivery service, completely changing the user’s mileage worry.

Pand Auto in the first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy

The staff is replacing the battery for Pand Auto

After adopting the battery replacement mode, the replaced battery can provide to the customers by means of rent. In comparison with selling to the customers, the cost of leasing battery is much lower which can also make the price of the new energy car lower.

Inner view of first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy

Try to establish 5 centralized energy stations and 50 distributed energy stations this year
Introduced by the vice board chairman of Lifan Group and chief scientist Dr. Chen Wei, Lifan takes the car making as the main business in the past, now Lifan emphasizes more on the new energy service, auto lease and financial service. Car making is Lifan’s own profession. In order to promote new energy car, Lifan will build its own energy supplying system, trying to establish 50 energy stations this year, covering Chongqing, Chengdu, Hangzhou, Jiyuan, Mianyang, Zhengzhou and other cities, forming a diversified and quick battery replacement system to provide more convenience to customers.

The first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy is officially launched

By 2020, it is estimated that the inventory of the new energy cars in China will reach 5 million units. If all these new energy cars use battery replacement technology, that will be a very considerable market. Therefore, Lifan plans to establish 500 energy stations covering the main cities including Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region, Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Southwest and Central China in future five years.
“The target of Lifan is to replace the batteries for all the new energy cars. ”said Wu Jifu.