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Intensify Exploration in South America The 1st South American Dealer Conference of Lifan Motors En


 On November 7, 2016, the first South American Dealer Conference of Lifan Motors was successfully held in St. Paulo, Brazil. Distributors from Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and Argentina, dealers from Uruguay and the representatives from Lifan Motors Brazil took part in the conference. The conference was hosted by the vice general manager of Lifan Motors and general manager of Lifan Motors South America Mr. Huang Zhen.
In the conference, the guests have got knowledge of the latest product series and latest product plan, showing their great appreciation to the new product and being full of expectation. The general manager of Lifan Motors South America Huang Zhen shared Lifan Strategy in South Amereica to the guests. Though affected by the depressed economy in South America in 2016 that the sales of several markets sharply declined, the South American market is still full of potential and opportunities and will definitely recover soon. He said, “Lifan is full of confidence and will unswervingly carry out the South American strategy to deeply explore South America and expand the market sales.”


Meanwhile, the distributors and dealers exchanged their ideas with Lifan management in the aspect of market promotion, after-sales service, network management improvement, customer satisfaction and potential customer follow up. Due to the similarity in South American countries, the good experience can be mutually applied which is of great significance.


On November 8, the guests visited Lifan booth at Sao Paulo Auto Show, giving high praise to Lifan new products. They all said that they were quite confident in Lifan new development technology and hoped to launch the new products as soon as possible.


The distributors and dealers, through this conference, are clearer about the development tendency of South American auto market, who are more definite to the development direction in South America. The joint cooperation, making full use of the regional advantage and keeping consolidating the advantageous position in South American market has become the consensus between Lifan Motors and the distributors.