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LifanX80 Firstly Appeared at Sao Paulo Auto Show


On November 10, the Sao Paulo International Auto Show grandly opened in the new exhibition center in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Lifan Motors, bringing new cars including 530 and X60 facelift, took part in the auto show. The auto show, as the first station for Lifan X80 exhibiting globally, attracts extensive attentions from all circles. Since the opening, Lifan booth has got the praise from media and visitors. Good look has turned out to be the keyword of Lifan Motors at this auto show.


Lifan Motors Brazil continues the booth style of Beijing auto show which was held this April, having employed the black-white booth color. The brand new Lifan image receives more favors from the media and visitors. LifanX80 at the booth equipping 2.0T engine and 6AT becomes the focus at Sao Paulo auto show. As the highest standard SUV of Lifan Motors, its elegant appearance, delicate interior and the large space has received good graces. Both the media and visitors gave high praise and placed high hope on the launching in Brazil.


Compared with its former model, X60 facelift has thoroughly remolded itself. Firstly the appearance has been modified a lot. The brand new grill carved with Lifan logo looks more fashionable. The adjustment of headlamp and daytime running lamp makes the front face of the car look much younger and the body kit of the tail is of motion sense. In the aspect of interior, it is covered with brand new leather which improves the sport sense of the interior. Matching with the new dashboard and 8 inch multi-media screen, the entertainment function is greatly improved. As learned, Lifan will launch X60 facelift in Brazilian market in 2017.
Lifan Motors has also exhibited LifanX60 Black version and Lifan530 Shark version. The unique modification has reflected the operating performance of the two models, providing users with more options.


Besides, the Lifan booth has also organized many activities to interact with the audience. The lifan football theme activity which is to dub for the goal of Kardec and Fernando was quite popular at the auto show. The Brazilian football player Kardec and Fernando enjoy high reputation in Brazil. Their good performance in Chongqing Lifan football club attracts attentions from Brazilian audience.
Delicate booth image, elegant cars and beautiful models accomplish the good look of Lifan booth.


On 10th, the minister of Brazil Industrial Development Ministry Mr. Marcos Pereira Midic paid a visit to Lifan booth. He showed great interest in Lifan new car X80, giving high praise to the appearance and interior. He said, X80 represented the new image and technology level of Lifan. The first appearance in Sao Paulo auto show reflected that Lifan attached great importance on Brazilian market. Thus he hoped X80 could launch in Brazil as soon as possible. Concerning with Lifan Motors’ excellent performance for being the Chinese auto brand champion, Mr. Marcos Pereira Midic said that he hoped Lifan to make persistent efforts for providing more high-quality cars to Brazilian customers.