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Mark Timber: Private Enterprise Is the Entity of Equipment Manufacturing Industry for Going out


The Made in China Forum 2025 was held in Beijing on November 13, 2016. Mark Timber, the president of Lifan Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was present and made a statement. He is of the opinion that private enterprise is the entity of innovation and the private enterprise is also the entity of equipment manufacturing industry for going out.


Mark says the equipment manufacturing industry of Lifan Group has gone through three stages. The first stage can be called scaring. This stage is mainly in 90s, at which time people take equipment investment, factory investment and the cost leadership as the breakthrough. “I remember clearly that the price of Lifan motorcycle at that time was only the half of Honda even lower. Such the stage frightened some Japanese motorcycle enterprises.”

The second stage is called surprising which is from 2000 to 2010. At this stage, our company has realized the importance of technology and quality. “ At that time, Chinese equipment manufacturing industry was starting to follow the road of technology and quality. Take Lifan as example, over 90% motorcycles sold attributed to the technology. Our technology and quality gradually improved.”

And the third stage is called amazing. We started to have our own brands. The market share of independent brands has covered over 60%. “Through the innovation, Chinese equipment manufacturing industry has got the substantial progress and development. Nowadays we have the quality warranty policy. Mostly the warranty is three years or 60,000km, some even 5 years or 100,000km. What is more, the quality warranty of different models in different regions may have no limitation for the mileage. The reason why we can implement such policy is due to our improving quality. ”