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Lifan: Invests and Establishes Plants in Ten Overseas Countries


As recently reported by overseas media, Lifan X60 has won the prize of best-selling Chinese car in Russia with its sales volume of 6000 units last year. Meanwhile, according to a special report “Chinese Cars in Brazil” released by Brazilian authoritative magazine, Lifan Motors has also received the honor of “Best-selling Chinese Car” and X60 is rewarded the “Best-selling Chinese Model” in Brazil.


As the largest private-owned import and export enterprise in Chongqing, Lifan has taken an active part in “The Belt and Road” initiatives, capturing this opportunity and gaining excellent performance abroad.

As early as 2001, Lifan has invested in building a motorcycle production base in Hung Yen province of Vietnam, and other production plants in Myanmar, Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uruguay and other countries. Since 2014, thanks to “The Belt and Road” initiatives, the overseas sales volume of Lifan products has dramatically increased. At the first half of 2014, the export sales of Lifan passenger cars have achieved a year-on-year growth of 49%. In the same year, the motorcycles and general motors exports have earned 1 billion US dollars of foreign exchange, showing a growth against the trend.

Under the guidance of “The Belt and Road” initiatives, Lifan’s overseas expanding has become more and more active and targeted. In October 2014, Lifan invested 300 million US dollars to set up a vehicle assembly plant in Lipetsk of Russia. Up to now, Lifan Motors has become the largest Chinese car seller in Russia's auto market for consecutive six years.

By the end of 2016, Lifan has already established vehicle and motorcycle production plants in ten overseas countries. With the support of “The Belt and Road” initiatives, Lifan not only achieves a more stable and continuous exporting, but also improves its capability to withstand the risks.