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Lifan Motors Succeeds in the Cooperation with Uber Russia by Delivery of the First Batch of Lifan 62


Recently, Lifan Motors showed a favorable tendency on group purchase in Russia. As known, Lifan Motors has reached a brand new cooperation with Uber, and a few Lifan 620II (Solano II) would be put into use in Nizhny Novgorod.


Lifan 620II(Solano II)--the second generation of Lifan 620 which created sales legend in over 30 countries including Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and so on has launched on 21st, Sep., last year, of which the revolutionary design and performance manifests the totally changed product philosophy of Lifan Motors. There are two configurations of this group of Lifan 620II (Solano II) cooperating with Uber, and the higher-configuration one is equipped with many convenience configurations like leather interior trimming, touch-screen media, visible reversing camera, GPS, parking radar, aluminum alloy trim and so on.

For marketing expansion, Uber implemented a few substantial schemes both for drivers and customers. This cooperation brought more comfort and convenience to local taxi drivers, and what’s amazing is that these cars are done with exterior decoration within just one day.

IMG-20170816-WA0025 (3)副本.jpg

As known, the first batch of Lifan 620II (Solano II) has been delivered on 2nd, Aug., and Lifan will put more of them into use gradually.