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The Brand New Official Website of Lifan Motors Uruguay Is on Accompanied by Praise


On 2nd, Aug. 2017,the brand new upgrading version of the official website for Lifan Motors Uruguay put into use, completing the portals of Lifan Uruguay fundamentally.The revision this time stands on the marketing requirements, making significant improvements on its contents and practicability which assists the updating of the information about products and sales and after-sales websites, pushing the realization of website’s flexibility and operability .

The new website was developed on storeplus- a professional platform for e-commerce website.The upgrading this time is mainly on two aspects, the contents and the function. For contents , it adds many new web pages including business trends, values of the enterprise , quality policy, sales news, searching for acceccory branches, inquiry for products, after-sales feedback, appointment for test driving, talents recruitment and so on; for the function, it adds new branches like site searching, website inquiry,parameters downloading, vehicle model recommending ,social media association, background data management,timely mass texting to subcribers, website following for Google Analystics, online promotion undertaking and so on.This new web is the responsive one , characterised on self-management and function upgrading, being able to accomadate visits various terminal devices. Meanwhile,it still maintains the flexibility on self-maintenance of contents and continuous adding of function. Moreover,this website will advance with the times and update with the brand’s and product’s strategies timely.

Uruguay holds the highest coverage of Internet in South America (over 80%),among which the social media occupies over 70%. In terms of our market research, the investment on Internet projects enjoys a high cost performance, which means there are over 40% of the customers visiting the 4S shops attracted by the Internet channel. Therefore , Lifan Motors Uruguay has been putting much emphasis on online big data release and offical social media.The official website now constitutes an online interactive platform along with Facebook, Twitter,Instagram and so on, which satisfies customers’demands fully, and this is why Uruguay after-sales maintenance and spare parts websites receives a highly praise .The concerning ,inquiry and interaction of the visitors acts well and the reputation of products is being optimized continuously, which shows the determination of Lifan Motors on its products and service.

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