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Lifan Has Been Ranking Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for 11 Consecutive Times


On 10th, Sep., CEC(China Enterprise Confederation),China Entrepreneur Association issued The Top 500 Chinese Enterprises of 2017 and The Top 500 Enterprises of Chinese Manufacturing Industries . Lifan, having been cultivating in manufacturing all the way, shows its name on both lists, which manifests its great strength on manufacturing.

As learned, it is the 11th time consecutively for Lifan being listed on the Top 500 Chinese Enterprises since 2007.

The borderline for this Top 500 Chinese Enterprises is 28.3 billion RMB, increased by almost 4 billion RMB compared with that of last year, moreover, the gross income for these top 500 enterprises reached a new record of 64 trillion RMB. Among these 500 enterprises, there are 13 from Chongqing including Longfor Properties, Chongqing General Trading and so on. Lifan ranks the 376th by total revenue of 37.88 billion RMB.


Lifan, of which the power on manufacturing is quite outstanding as the representative of private enterprises in Chongqing, has always been developing on substantial economy. In the meanwhile, Lifan also shines in The Top 500 Enterprises of Chinese Manufacturing Industries posting at the same time with The Top 500 Chinese Enterprises for 2017.

There are totally 6 enterprises of Chongqing listed on the top500 Enterprises of Chinese Manufacturing Industries, among which Lifan ranks the third place of Chongqing manufacturing enterprises by its 167th place on the top 500, demonstrating Lifan’s advantage over competiveness among manufacturing industry again.