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Wang Binggang—the Specially-invited Expert for Significant Scientific Project on Electric Vehicle of


On 31st, Aug., the group of Wang Binggang--the Specially-invited Expert for Significant Scientific Project on Electric Vehicle of 863 Plan by Ministry of Science and Technology came and visited Lifan Group, inspecting the first centralized energy station of Yifeng Energy domestically. Doctor Chen Wei—deputy chairman of Lifan Industry( Group ) Co. Ltd. accompanied all along the way.


Doctor Chen Wei made a quite detailed report to the group of Mr. Wang Binggang on the development of new energy, operation model and development planning. Meanwhile, the chief engineer of Yifeng Energy, Mr. Lu Shuai also made an illustration on the core technology relevant to Lifan’s battery replacement mode and some monitoring and pre-warning technologies related to the safety of batteries.

The group of Wang Binggang also watched the 3-minute battery replacement, 2.0 electricity station, backstage management system of big data cloud platform at the scene.

Wang Binggang expressed that he got a lot from this visit to Lifan new energy and showing great appreciation to the innovative battery-replacement technology of Lifan. Fang Haifeng—the deputy director of the New Energy Automobile and Tax Policy Study Room from Chinese Automotive Technology& Research Center, Mu Jun—the general manager of Lifan New Energy kept accompany all along the way.


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The goal for Lifan New Energy is to integrate the Internet of things, communication network, energy network by means of Internet+, big data and AI, building the brand new ecological chain of new energy automobile industry so that forming the commercial mode of a close connection among automobile production, energy operation, car using and consumer finance. With the assistance and support for new energy industry, providing more opportunities for markets’ revolution, building the new energy infrastructure for 3-minute battery replacement and quick charging by taking advantage of off-peak electricity storage technology and renewable energy, realizing the separation of batteries from cars, reducing the cost for driving, prolonging the life span of batteries effectively through the laddering use from power batteries to energy-storage batteries, promoting the environmentally-friendly driving, alleviating the urban traffic jam, achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.