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The 2nd Station for CCPC, Lifan Receives 2 Golden Medals and 3 Silver


On 24th, Sep., the 2nd station of CCPC ended successfully in Dafeng district, Yancheng, Jiangsu province. CCPC is the only competition for mass-product cars domestically, being regarded as the Olympics for Chinese automobiles, which was of extraordinary profession. Lifan X80 received 2 golden medals and 3 silver ones after the excellent performance of 4 golden medals and 1 silver medal at the first station.


No fear for humid environment; outstanding overall performance
After the amazing show on the 9 individual parts in Karamay, Lifan X80 faced new challenges in Dafeng, Yancheng, which was called “the first Asian test field for automobiles. The topography here is quite harsh for the testing of auto’s overall performance, being surrounded by wetlands and accompanied with damp climate. Moreover, there are various kinds of roadway including high-speed loops, road with loud noise, and wet and dry testing road.


There are 7 individual parts in Dafeng station, during the competition, Lifan X80 fears no challenges and faces up to the difficulties, getting two first prizes in the noise-inside -car competition, obtaining 3 second prizes in timed competition at the site, emergency braking at wet roads, inside-car idling noise with top gear,.


Driving at constant speed; outstanding advantage over muting controlling;
Lifan X80, which integrates the advanced muting technology of automotive industry conquers all the counterparts by decibel of 54.9 and 62.2 in the constant driving competition of 50km/h and 100km/h, winning two champions of individual parts with overwhelming superiority. After these two, Lifan X80 also got the second prize in the game of inside-car idling noise with top gear.


Lifan X80 rocks all at timed site competition
The engines, chassis, road holding capability of tire face bitter experience at site timed competition because of sharp turns, rapid acceleration. X80 completes the whole process of game by 123.57 seconds while ranking the second only by 0.12 seconds of disadvantage.


Emergency braking is crucial to wet roads
Emergency braking at wet roads has a great demanding on many security assurances of vehicle braking system including tire, braking system, EBA, BOS and so on. During the competition, X80 faces up to the challenges and is awarded with the second prize, which manifests its extraordinary strength.