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The Tenth Anniversary Ceremony of Lifan Motors Russia and Launching Ceremony of MYWAY Ended up with


On the evening of 5th, Sep. 2017, local time, Lifan Motors held the grand tenth anniversary ceremony for Lifan Motors Russia and the launching ceremony for MYWAY in Radisson Royal Hotel of Moscow. The participants of this conference including senator from Duma of Russia Mikhail, chief delegate of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade in Russia Xu Jinli, business representatives from Google, Yandex, Uber and various banks and so on, cooperators from Luke Oil, Pirelli and so on, around 150 dealers from different parts of Russia and over 50 journalists from various mainstream media. Meanwhile, there were Lifan management including Shen Haojie-vice president of Lifan Industry Co. Ltd.(Lifan Group), Sun Zejun-executive deputy general manager of Lifan Industry (Group) Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd. and general manager of Lifan Motors Russia, Wang Xiaolong-executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Russia and so on.


Various emotions filled in the mind of Lifan staff over the past 10 years
As known, Lifan Motors has organized teams for import and export business in 2005, dispatching staff abroad in 2006, setting up SKD plants in many countries like Russia, Ethiopia, Iran and so on in 2007, then shifting to CKD. Since settling in Russia from 2007, Lifan has completed many significant tasks including establishing a subsidiary company, SKD plants, a whole set of systems on sales and after-sales service, providing satisfactory solutions for dealers and consumers on products, brands, service, technology, talents, localization, capital, finance and so on. Dealers networking scattered across the country, more localized marketing strategy, considerable investment amount on brand building, integrated system for after-sales protection, all these assisting the improvement of Lifan’s reputation in Russia. According to the statistics from AEBRUS, ECCT, Lifan has been ranking top sales for 6 years consecutively since being awarded as the most popular Chinese auto brand of Russia in 2011.


Wang Xiaolong, executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Russia retrospected the unforgettable experience of Lifan Motors during the past 10 years in his opening address, meanwhile, he also extended his heartfelt thanks to the substantial support from cooperators, dealers and foreign employees. He said, ”As long as we spare no efforts, stepping forward toward correct direction, we can make much greater achievements”

Lifan Motors surprises the whole world after ten-year endeavor
Shen Haojie—vice president of Lifan Industry Co. Ltd (Lifan Group) introduced the brand new system of products of Lifan Motors proudly to the guests present, which has experienced ten-year improvement. The brand-new researching and developing team is of rich experience, reliable technology, innovative spirits; the brand-new aims push Lifan step into the springboard of historic meaning (products 3.0) officially; the brand-new plan on quality assists Lifan perform better; the brand-new after-sales service makes Lifan Care more practical…”


A series of anticipated Lifan 3.0 products surprises the whole Moscow, including Lifan X80, MYWAY, M7 and so on, moreover, the upcoming X70 strikes all the guests present by brand-new standard of quality and philosophy of appearance. Lifan Motors aims to research, develop and improve according to the condition of overseas marketing, which put more emphasis on the implement of after-sales system during recent years in addition to pretty appearance, attractive price, rich configurations and stable quality. All the consumers overseas can access to favorable after-sales service after buying Lifan cars. The close connection ensures the great confidence of consumers on “Made by Lifan”.

Lifan will speed up in the coming ten years
Sun Zejun-executive deputy general manager of Lifan Group overseas( motors) and general manager of Lifan Motors Russia illustrated the current situation and future planning of Lifan globally to all the guests present. Products of Lifan were sold to 117 countries and regions including Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and so on depending on its globalized sales network. In 2016, Lifan ranked the fourth on exporting among all the Chinese auto brands and the first among that of Chongqing. Until now, Lifan Motors has exported to 70 countries and regions worldwide and exploited over 500 sales networks globally, moreover, building 7 assembly plants in Russia, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Iran, Ethiopia, Uruguay and Iraq.


With coming into product 3.0, Lifan will expand abroad further relying on its brand-new excellent suppliers and sales network, opening the gate of the world with better products. For the new development strategy of Lifan, Sun Zejun expressed that“ we have six key words including reputation, credit, customer first, perseverance, localization and finance. We believe that the future of Lifan will be much brighter under the guidance of these six words.”

“Please look forward to a brand-new Lifan”, Sun Zejun said, “The first ten years has passed, and Lifan will put market in the first place in the next ten years. Today, Lifan possesses brand-new team of research and development, and the products will realize platformization, moreover, there are also implemented supply chains and close connection with cooperators, all in all, the future of the market is promising enough.” For the future, he expressed quite great confidence, not only on products, but also on new teams and system. It was also this kind of confidence and insistence that sustained him to persist during the past ten years, and thanks to the perseverance that Lifan Motors can make such amazing and outstanding achievements. On the streets of Moscow now, there are Lifan cars everywhere.

Lifan progressed jointly with all the cooperators during the past ten years
On the ceremony, many representatives narrated their stories with Lifan Motors during the past ten years, including senator from Duma of Russia Mikhail, Maria from VTB24 Bank, Nikitin—representative of the dealers, some of which were exciting and some are touching, and all the speeches made everyone present deeply touched. They have not only witnessed the development of Lifan Motors in Russia, but also participated in its ten-year establishment.

Senator Mikhail said, “I really cherish the friendship with Lifan and Mr. Sun, wish Lifan a promising future.” He cut the cake for ten-year ceremony jointly with Sun Zejun and extended sincere wishes to Lifan.


Lifan announces “It’s my way”by tenth anniversary masterpiece
Right after the tenth anniversary ceremony, Lifan Motors held the launching ceremony for MYWAY.
Under the din light of the hall, smog surrounded, the three-dimensional laser show was bright and colorful. The leading role of the launching ceremony __Lifan MYWAY was driven to the front of stage by the Russian vice manager of Lifan Motors Russia, and its pretty look attracted the attentions of all.

As the first 7-seat SUV after the transition of Lifan, MYWAY is also the first 7-seat MPV promoted by Lifan Motors, which attracted a great deal of fans by its good-looking appearance, super-high configurations and cost performance. MYWAY launched gloriously on this anniversary ceremony and press conference, which opened a new chapter of Lifan Motors on family-use 7-seat MPV in Russia.