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The Fourth Global Distributor Convention of Lifan Motors Successfully Held in Lijiang


On September 21, 2017, the Fourth Global Distributor Convention of Lifan Motors was successfully held in Lijiang, gathering about 90 dealers of Lifan Motors from 17 countries and regions and once again making Lifan Motors the industry focus both home and abroad. During the convention, the top management team of Lifan Group gave a detailed illustration to the dealers and media present about Lifan’s systems and planning relating to products, R&D, development strategy, etc. New products, teams and strategies showed the guests Lifan’s brand new strength both on the soft and hard, and gave a comprehensive outline of Lifan Motors’future development context.


With Lifan Motors’quick global development, both its strategies for globalization and new energy have been well established. Over the past few years, Lifan Motors have achieved significant development in the following aspects including expansion for overseas production resources and plant capacity, increasing of product line diversity, quality improvement of finished automobile, enlarging of the channels, promotion of sales, and reinforcement of after-sales service. In terms of new energy, Lifan has made a fast step in the development of new energy automobiles, with power batteries only in short supply. Lifan also continuously deepens the management mode for new energy, applying it to more areas such as taxicabs and online booked cars, with a view to achieve comprehensive arrangement for such areas as motors, electronic control, batteries, and car networking, all of which are related to new energy automobiles, and thus going further on Lifan's energy visualization.

Lifan X70 made its debut, new release of the 3rdgeneration being a hit
During the convention, Lifan Motors’ outstanding representative vehicle of the third-generation products, utility-type urban SUV --Lifan X70, made its global appearance for the first time. As a new generation product with all-around improvement for outlook, comfort, technology, and convenience, Lifan X70 has aroused great interest from the dealers and media at its first appearance.


It is reported that the third-generation products from Lifan include the domestically launched Lifan X7 (7-seat family type SUV), Lifan M7(7-seat urban and family type MPV), and Lifan X80(7-seat family type SUV). After engaging a new product development team, products of the third generation have showed a design concept and processing level that far surpass what they were before. Meanwhile, besides Lifan X7, Lifan M7, and Lifan X80, Lifan 620II, Lifan 820 and several electric vehicles are also on display. Outstanding product performance shows that Lifan Motors has entered a brand new product era.

Shen Haojie, vice president of Lifan Group and head of Lifan Motors’R&D Institute, delivered a keynote speech focusing on R&D team, R&D system and product planning, and then invited Lifan's new supplier partners to give speeches, making a detailed illustration to Lifan X70. He said that Lifan Motors would successively launch 14 new products in the coming five years, achieving a comprehensive change for Lifan’s product line.


Ten-year arrangement for globalization strategy, Lifan Motors blooms everywhere overseas
It is reported that Lifan Motors ranked the fourth among the independent Chinese auto brands for export in 2016, and the first among that of Chongqing. Lifan’s automobiles have been exported to 40 countries and regions worldwide, with more than 500 marketing networks all over the world and products being off the assembly line from seven spare-part assembly plants in Russia, Azerbaijan, Myanmar, Iran, Ethiopia, Uruguay and Iraq.

In Brazil, Ethiopia and Russia, Lifan Motors has been the top-sales Chinese auto brand. Being honored “The best-known Chinese brand” in countries such as Brazil and Russia and being the top-sales Chinese auto enterprises in Russian market for six consecutive years, Lifan Motors has been the most popular Chinese auto brand in Russia. In Ethiopia, 2000 custom-made taxis have become the “mobile city card” for Addis Ababa. By the end of 2016, Lifan Motors has become the auto brand with the largest number of registration in Ethiopia.


Sun Zejun,--the Executive Deputy General Manager of Lifan Imp. & Exp. Co. Ltd, , mentioned that ten years has passed since the first launching of Lifan’s globalization strategy, and 2017 will be the eleventh year. Over the past ten years, there have not only been good results keeping pouring in from the automobile exports, but also from the automobile parallel-import department founded in 2014. Only within a short period from 2015 to 2017, the parallel-import department achieved an import volume of 400 million USD, which was a truly brilliant achievement, coming out top nationwide and ranking the first in the southwest.

The new energy strategy begins to take shape, Lifan Motors innovating in energy management
For the moment, Lifan has been focusing on an energy station concept which is based on battery replacement. Under the premise of not increasing generating capacity, energy stations utilize valley point electricity from peak time to achieve battery charging and energy reserving, which requires electricity to give energy feedback during peak time; energy stations will achieve battery charging in a centralized mode in the context of constant temperature, constant voltage and constant current, which will ideally guarantee battery safety and lengthen its life span. Thus, aiming at batteries’ different life states, it can achieve cascade utilization in three steps as “power battery, energy storage battery, battery recycling”, and therefore increase investment income.

Yifeng Energy, as Lifan’s energy operation management platform, has established and operated 1 centralized energy station, 17 distributed energy stations and 4 electricity stations on a national scale. Pand Auto, the smart travel platform related to new energy automobile, is at present the operator with the largest scale for public domain. It has quickly become the first car-sharing platform with more than one million users across the country since its launching, and rapidly expanded in cities throughout China in a unit of one thousand. Currently, it has established more than 800 sites in the whole country, and it is estimated that there will be over ten thousand new energy automobiles in service in total by the end of 2017.


Mu Gang, President of Lifan Group, said “We are in the best era of knowledge-driven economy, with new technologies such as Internet plus, big data and cloud computing, AI, automatic drive and sharing economy changing our life at unprecedented rates.” On the spot, Mr. Mu showed Lifan Motors’achievements in several areas such as battery-replacement technology, car sharing and leasing(Pand Auto) and unmanned driving. He said, “As such a large market, China attracts almost all the global brands to establish factories here, which brings the newest products, best technologies and excellent talents. We have reasons to believe that the Chinese market and enterprises will lead the development of the automobile industry, especially in the aspects of clean energy and new business models.”

New Lifan under new pattern, broad horizon brings high standard
“As for Lifan, we have formulated two strategies long ago, i.e., ‘sticking to and deepening the globalization strategy’, and ‘carrying forward and implementing the new energy strategy’, thus realizing ‘the globalization of new energy’.”Mr. Mu said, “Meanwhile, products are the core of everything. In 2019, we will launch A-level SUV and subsequent-platform vehicles for new platforms, which are products from the fourth generation. I believe they’ll be a big surprise and we hope that we can bring these new products with high cost performance to global markets.”

When talking about the changes in overseas auto industry, Mr. Mu mentioned:“We found an interesting phenomenon when analyzing our dealer network in recent two years, that many dealers only ran European, Japanese and Korean cars in the first place have been operating vehicles from Lifan, we call this phenomenon ‘west back and east forward’.”He said that according to the forecasting by experts, the total car production in China will achieve 50 million in 2025, among which 40 million are produced domestically and 10 million exported. Measured by Lifan's export proportion of 3%, Lifan can and should export at a number of more than 300,000.