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Lifan MYWAY Launched in Russia Road Test Started in 8 Cities Officially


MYWAY launched ceremoniously in Russia on the 10th anniversary of Lifan Russia. As a rare 7-seat SUV among that of million-rouble level, Lifan MYWAY got highly praise from all walks of life upon its launching by excellent appearance and good performance on practicability. To meet the longing of Russian customers for MYWAY, Lifan Motors selected 8 cities to have a road test tour, by which the brand new model of Lifan MYWAY and all the other models of Lifan Motors got their overall display, including flagship Lifan 820, on-sale stars like X60, X50, 620II and so on. On 14th, Oct., 2017, the activity went successfully in the first station—Moscow, fully satisfying the Russian customers.

In order to fully approach to customers, Lifan Motors selected 8 cities with population of millions, including Moscow, St.Petersburg, Ufa, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Krasnoyarsk and Samarra, crossing over 3000km from east to west, which guaranteed the majority of Russian could participate in the test drive in a big city nearby. Additionally, Lifan also provided a unique cars-buying preference for all the participants, making all the customers feel the real sincerity of Lifan Motors.


It was drizzling on 14th, Oct. while the consumers were still full of passion and came from the neighbor city of Moscow specially for participating in the test-drive activity at 9 am. The lady in this picture is a patron who had used Lifan X60 for almost 5 years. After test driving all the models present during the activity through the invitation of Lifan Motors, she started to think about getting a brand new Lifan MYWAY by Lifan’s policy of replacing the old cars with the new.


The invited customers flooded in and their passion was not disappointed. The site was divided into test-drive area, entertainment area, children’s area out of the careful thought of Lifan, among which the most impressed part was “space filling competition”. The trunk of MYWAY hasn’t been filled after several suitcases big and small, showing a quite excellent performance on space. In the meantime, Lifan also prepared fine gifts for all the consumers in the activity, ensuring the satisfaction of all.


Although the weather in Moscow was not so pleasant, Lifan still made its first rise of road test. There were hundreds of test drive and several live trading during the activity, moreover, Lifan has invited all the participants to get close to more activities in the shop.


Besides, the second station of test drive will be in St.Petersburg on 21st, Oct. 2017, and Lifan has sent invitations to more customers through various channels. So let’s wait and see the extraordinary show of Lifan inSt.Petersburg next.