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Lifcar Promotes Sharing Vehicles in Moscow Jointly with Lifan Motors


Recently, Lifcar, the sharing vehicle company in Russia, introduces 200 units of Lifan X50 into operation jointly with Lifan Motors—the leading Chinese auto brand in Russia, planning to raise it to 1000 units in short run, which helps Lifcar sharing vehicles be more attractive. It's acknowledged to all that Lifcar covers quite wide as a sharing vehicle brand, whose cars are everywhere within Moscow or even several suburban areas.


For this cooperation with Lifan X50, the representative of Lifcar said, “As a sincere advisor for our Asian guests, we will never laugh at Chinese autos before knowing them. On the contrary, we hope to improve the service through objective judgements and suggestions. Lifcar and Lifan Motors reach this cooperation and introduce in Lifan X50 for providing more choice for users. We have put 200 units of Lifan X50 into market for the first step and this number will increase by certain rate monthly.”


Sergey—a famous blogger on autos downloaded the APP as soon as its launching and gave highly praise on its convenience. In the meantime, the whole process from car booking to car using also impressed Sergey greatly.


Comparing with the APP, What surprised Sergey more was the vehicles from Lifan Motors. According to Sergey, he once looked down upon Chinese cars, while Lifan Motors has been developing in Russia for 10 years, which made itself familiar and acceptable to Russian. This cooperation provides best test-driving opportunity of Lifan cars for consumers and Lifan Motors also gets the best chance to show itself comprehensively. Meanwhile, all the consumers are endowed with a brand new view to the development pattern of automobiles in the future.


The sharing vehicles of Lifcar is quite esily access to, and the range of service covers all citizens over or equals to 19 years old with driving experience over one year, which brings much convenience for those living in Moscow. As introduced, there might be some inconvenience for first getting touch with sharing vehicles owing to the disadvantages of APP or the shortage of cars, while it will definitely get improvements with the joint efforts of Lifcar and Lifan Motors.