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The 1st Unmanned Driving Sharing Car for Business Use has Launched through the Joint Efforts of Lifa


You might be quite familiar with such kind of movie plot in many science fiction films: the car goes to you automatically as soon as you step out of the department, the whole route is settled by the car itself after you setting the destination and you don’t need to worry about the occurrence of any traffic rules’ breaking or any traffic accidents. As long as the car arrives at the destination, you only need to close its door and it will drive to the appointed place . Moreover, you can be worry free from the energy shortage problem because it will drive automatically to the nearby energy station and get itself charged. All these are from our imagination before, while today, they get closer and closer to our everyday life.

On the afternoon of 13th,Nov., Lifan Motors, Pand Auto and Baidu held strategic cooperation press conference in Beijing, making Lifan Motors and Pand Auto be the eco -partners of Baidu Apollo open platform. These three companies will carry out strategic cooperation in the field of unmanned driving and promote the practical use of unmanned driving on commercially sharing autos jointly.


Mr. Ma Ke-- president of Lifan Group expressed that with the rapid development of AI, domestic manufacturing industry was now facing unprecedented transformation, and by this cooperation with Baidu, Pand Auto, Lifan Motors wished to make full use of advantages respectively, promoting the development and commercial application of unmanned driving with joint hands. He said, “In addition to its high-edged technologies as the core advantages, Baidu now also has unmanned driving, AI controlling, being able to provide energy from software end; As a service company, Pand Auto is able to find the demands from operation side; meanwhile, Lifan Motors is focused on auto manufacturing, being able to support from products. ”

According to Gu Weihao, general manager of Baidu Intelligent Automobile Business Department of Baidu, has always been quite concerning about sharing vehicles in the field of unmanned driving for commercial use. This cooperation among Apollo, Lifan Motors and Pand Auto has put unmanned driving into practice on sharing cars, which is a historic moment in the field of unmanned driving products on commercial use.

On the press conference, the 1st sharing car of Lifan Motors for business use showed itself officially and 100 ‘AI-Rider’ were needed in terms of the declaration of Lifan Motors.

According to Shen Haojie, vice president of Lifan Group and head of Lifan Auto R&D Institute, this cooperation mainly covers three parts: firstly, Baidu’s map of high quality and precision is the only cooperator of Lifan Motors on unmanned driving and automatic driving; secondly, Lifan Motors and Pand Auto shall join in Apollo ecology and make strategic cooperation; thirdly, Baidu shall provide map of high quality and precision and unmanned driving; Lifan Motors shall solve the problem of test and operating cars, more importantly, these three companies shall collaborate with each other and promote its mass production and exploitation.

On the press conference, , Lifan Motors also showed its first unmanned driving car on the basis of Apollo platform solution.


This unmanned driving car is refitted on the foundation of Lifan 820EV, which is able to recognize traffic guideboard and driving information, being equipped with many electric facilities like radar, camera, global satellite navigation, synchronized sensor and so on. The only thing that the car owner shall do is to input destination and wait to arrive there. During the driving process, the car will upload road condition through sensors and make real-time and real-place analysis based on a great deal of data, and then judge the right driving direction and speed of car.

The acceleration of unmanned driving on business use
This strategic cooperation on unmanned driving among Lifan Motors, Pand Auto and Baidu will accelerate the speed of unmanned driving application for business use.

Ma Ke also said that in the coming year, Lifan Motors would complement the distribution of intelligent parking and realize the 1st generation independent booking order between the user and car, saying solving the problem of “finding the user by the car itself”. Then, the test drive will be carried in the appointed area of cooperating cities with complicated roads and traffic conditions, totally realizing the application of intelligent auxiliary driving system.

Ms. Gao Yu, CEO of Pand Auto said that Pand Auto would choose one city as cooperator on the demonstration project within 30 days, and the further development would be released in 50 days by Pand Auto.

On the press conference, Pand Auto announced that they would recruit 100 “AI- Rider” nationwide in order to make some people get close to the convenience of unmanned driving firstly.


In the opinion of Ms. Gao Yu, the application of unmanned driving in the field of sharing cars will make up some of the shortage of sharing cars industry.

“The main reason for traffic accidents is out of careless driving, while drunk or tired driving will never occur to this robot driver, so on this side, technology is much more reliable than us human. With unmanned driving, our hands and eyes are released from cars, therefore, we can do much more interesting things. Driving on the roads of cities, the robots can reduce traffic jams, raise the using rate of parking lots.” Gao Yu said.