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Lifan 820 Is Promissing to Be Taken as Official Cars for Ethiopian Government


On 13th, Nov., 2017, Ethiopian deputy minister of industry Alemu Sime Feyisay came to Chongqing and visited the headquarter of Lifan Motors being entrusted by purchasing department of Ethiopia. During the visiting, Mr. Alemu Sime Feyisay and his group test drove a series car models like Lifan 820, Lifan X70, Lifan 650 and so on, among which Mr. Alemu Sime Feyisay was especially interested in Lifan 820 and made an overall investigation on it. Through the careful illustration of the acompanying staffs from Lifan Motors. Mr. Alemu Sime Feyisay expressed his highly praise mainly on three aspects of this car, including designing of appearance, power and space, which made it especially fit for government use. As known, Lifan 820 has been taken as official cars by many embassies in China.


As the first intermediate business-use sedan of Lifan Motors, the appearance of Lifan 820 is specially designed by the senior designer from famous European design company, reaching the standard size of midsize sedan, with a length, width and height of body of 4865ⅹ1835ⅹ1480mm and a wheelbase of 2775mm. Lifan 820 uses the sport and luxury front face of European style, large hexagonal chromed central air-inlet grille, 4-spoke chromed central grill, and grill integration design at the bottom to show its high-end taste. The tail still follows the style of traditional intermediate sedan, with mellow and full line. The design of slightly upward and small tail gives more vigor to the whole car. The whole car is of standard configuration with halogen-sourced automatic headlamp, and 6 LED daytime running lamps, LED rear-view mirror, turn light, and so on, creating strong business atmosphere.

In terms of power, Lifan 820 carries three engines, with 1.8LVVT and 2.4LVVTgold displacements as primary. 2.4L VVT engine has a maximum output power of 118kw(r/min) and maximum torque of 221N•m. Stabilization, high-efficiency, low fuel consumption, light weight, and high performance advantages embody the typical pragmatism of Lifan 820.

The spatial design of Lifan 820 belongs to intermediate level in sedans of the same level. 2775mm wheelbase ensures that there is enough large space in the front and back rows of Lifan 820. Lifan 820 also has artful internal space layout and rich storage space, where goods storage boxes are provided for almost all touchable places. Storage boxes at centre armrests and door skins have enough volume and are very convenient.


As is known to all, Ethiopia is endowed with large quantity of electricity while being greatly short of petroleum resources , therefore, they have long been exporting electricity to neighbor countries like Kenya for more foreign exchange. The electric cars share a significant advantage over petroleum cars in terms of cost. After test driving Lifan 820EV by himself, Mr.Alemu Sime Feyisa said that the electric cars of Lifan is of low energy cost and quite efficient on foreign exchange saving, moreover, it is absolutely win-win for consumers and the whole country, which will definitely be the future of Ethiopian transport market.