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South American Customers Attended Technical Training at Lifan Headquarter


To ensure the successful development of after-sales service of Lifan X70 and X7 in South American markets, Lifan Motors invited customers from South America to attend the technical training, among which representatives from Chile, Argentina and Bolivia participated in. On 21st, Nov., 2017, accompanied by Zou Wentao -- the trainer and Xiong Jie -- business personnel, they have received a 5-day training on the techniques of these two new car models.


This training was divided into two main parts on the whole, which were theory explanation and practical application. The trainer mainly introduced technical parameters, features of power assembly system, working principle of electrical system on these two new models for the theory part. Moreover, they also made practice on diagnostic thought combining with common faults. Among which, the spacious passenger room and dynamic modeling of X70 got consistent praise from all the customers. All of them were greatly interested in the technical features of the brand new transmission matched to Lifan X70-- Wanliyang CVT, and all the questions raised by them were solved with the careful explanation of trainer.


When it came to appearance designing features of X70, all the trainees were so attracted by its flexibility and vitality that presented their own opinions emulatively. In the meantime, they carried passionate discussion on the training class, which created a quite lively atmosphere.


For the practice part, the trainees had an exercise on faults diagnosis with Lifan’s new diagnostic apparatus--LFTD60 and made diagnosis and matching on all the electrical system including PEPS, TPMS, IMMO, ECU and so on.


The total class hours were 15 for this training and all the trainees were qualified according to test performance, which means 100% qualification rate, perfectly meeting the expectation. At the end of this training, Mr. Liu Dan—assistant general manager awarded training certificate for all the qualified trainees on behalf of Lifan Motors, meaning the successful ending of this after-sales service training.


This training placed the sincere wishes of Lifan Motors that laying a liable foundation for after-sales service of Lifan X70 and X7 in South American markets after their launching. Meanwhile, wish a great sales volume of X70 and X7 in South America!