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UNIDO Director General--Li Yong Encourages Lifan to Take Root in Africa


On 27th, Nov., 2017, the 17th Session of the General Conference of UNIDO was held in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Li Yong --the head of UN specialized agency from China (mainland) and the incumbent director general won a reappointment, which means the official beginning of his second run for this post.

At 9 o’clock, 28th, Nov., local time, Li Yong--director general of UNIDO granted a reception to Mr. Mu Gang--chairman of Lifan Group who was invited to this general conference. During the reception, they extended a deep, active discussion on PCP initiated by UNIDO and Lifan’s development overseas especially in Africa.


Left: Mu Gang  Right: Li Yong

Distinct development way abroad of Lifan Group

Mr. Mu Gang reported the 20-year overseas development with special characteristic to director general Li Yong. He said, “among the 25-year development of Lifan Group since its establishment , 20 years are devoted into going global (Lifan Group got import-export operation right in 1998). Today, Lifan has exported products to 117 countries and regions, owning 6 overseas investment plants, sharing export volume of over 10 billion USD in total.”

In the eyes of Mr. Mu, the overseas development of Lifan Group has formed its own ‘Lifan features’ through years’ endeavors, which is quite different from that of most foreign trade enterprises.

“Lifan Group is a real internationalized enterprise, whose overseas sales volume shares even a much higher proportion than that domestically”, Mu Gang said, “ Lifan’s going global policy is right for the industrial development of the second or the third world countries, especially on auto and motorcycle industry.”

In the auto markets abroad, the brand image of Lifan Motors is almost as good as that of Korean or Japanese cars, and its selling price is closer and closer to that of Korean auto.


Lifan car owners in Russia

Being promising to cooperate with UNIDO and strengthening the cooperation with African countries
As known, the UNIDO and Lifan Group are willing to cooperate under the frame of ‘the 3rd decades for African Industrial development’. Lifan will draw up corresponding African development plan with the leadership of UNIDO, placing African development program in a very significant position among Lifan’s globalization strategy.

“Africa is a quite important strategic branch for Lifan’s globalization, after years’ cultivation in Africa, Lifan Motors has covered over 95% of African countries and regions and even ranks top in several countries in terms of sales volume. ” As introduced by Mr. Mu Gang, the first overseas investment plant of Lifan is in Ethiopia, and it is popular there for its good quality and service, ranking the very first for marketing share in Ethiopia.

Mr. Mu Gang also disclosed that in order to be in accordance with the philosophy of UNIDO’s Inclusive and Sustainable Development, Lifan Motors is willing to establish an auto industry research institution jointly with Ethiopian government under the leadership of UNIDO, introducing the standard related of Chinese auto industry into Ethiopia, cooperating with local famous colleges, opening subjects related to automobile industry; meanwhile, starting vocational education project and providing professional technicians , corresponding devices and training bases for the class.


4S Shop of Lifan Motors Ethiopia

Li Yong extended his willingness for Lifan’s joining in PCP of UNIDO

During the meeting, Mr. Li Yong expressed that he was familiar to Lifan, whose “going global” strategy is earlier and better than many of its counterparts, which made significant achievements. He said, “ I’m respectful to Mr. Yin Mingshan, he is a true entrepreneur, a real practitioner of ‘the Belt and Road’. ”

Mr. Li Yong also said that there were already 168 members in UNIDO and kept a quite close relationship with their government leaders and department directors, being able to provide some experience, suggestions, directions for the industrial development of some undeveloped countries and integrate the national capital, techniques and human resources.

In addition, Mr. Li Yong wished Lifan could join in PCP, sparing no efforts to take root in Africa and assist them on their industrial development by taking advantage of the platform and resources of UNIDO.

“African condition now is just like that in the beginning of Chinese reform and opening up, facing a great deal of challenges.” Li Yong encourages Lifan to emphasis on the research , development and quality of products, expanding the publicity, accelerating the success speed of Africa by taking example of Chinese reform and opening up.


Plant of Lifan Motors Ethiopia

UNIDO is a multilateral technical assistance agency for the UN assembly, which was established in 1996, being taken into specialized institution of UN in June, 1985. The headquarter of UNIDO is in Vienna, owning 168 members now, setting offices in 35 countries and regions worldwide, whose mission is “assisting and accelerating industrialization of developing countries and coordinating the industrial activities of UN system.”

The general conference is the supreme decision-making body of UNIDO, being held every two years. This conference was held from 27th, Nov. to 1st, Dec. in Vienna, taking the topic of “building the cooperation relationship for influence enlarging--realizing the goal of sustainable development. ” The participants being present there included hundreds of representatives from governments, academic institutions, private enterprises and so on.