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X60 Rally Race for Lifan Motors Brazil 5-Year Anniversary


On Nov., 2017, for celebrating the 5th anniversary of Lifan Motors Brazil, a spectacular rally race of Lifan X60 got its show in Piracicaba, Sao Paulo. 30 X60 family representatives participated in.


This rally race was held at the center of the city, extending 25km being divided into five task-carrying places. The rules go like this: the standard duration for arriving at each task-carry point was set, the closer you were to the standard, the more possible you would win the competition. This activity requires not only experienced driving skills but also good knowledge to the road condition. Each participant shall depart at every 1 minute. With the relaxing and pleasant atmosphere, all the competitors had fun in driving and passion in competition. At the end of this activity, Rubens Kormann from Sao Paulo won the champion. Meanwhile, Lifan Motors also presented delicate gifts and X60 maintenance ticket to the top three winners.


In addition to rally race, Lifan Motors also planned a series of interesting interaction activities like prize-giving quiz, mild massage, cosmetic for children, popularization of car maintenance and so on, which made a pleasant weekend for all the Lifan users and their families present. Besides, Lifan X80 also got its show during the activity, whose elegant appearance, 7-seat spacious passenger room and practical configurations left a quite good impression on all of them. They all thought highly of X80 and expressed their strong willingness of its launching earlier.


During the five years since its establishment, Lifan Motors Brazil practiced the philosophy of users caring, and a great many of activities like its after-sales service, fans supporting, replacement subsidies for regular users and so on brings real welfare for customers. With the unceasing upgrading on service, Lifan Motors got a higher and higher satisfaction rate among old users and its reputation is better and better now.


Through the interview with some Lifan car owners, we got an extremely good feedback about this activity, and all of them held a quite positive attitude towards X80 in Brazil. Wish Lifan Motors’ brand image better through this activity and more and more qualified customers flooded in. At the end of the event, 5 users decided to exchange the New X60 CVT with their old X60, to continue their favor to Lifan X60.