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The President of Uruguay Expects Lifan New Energy Car to Run in Latin America


From November 30 to December 2 of local time, the Eleventh China-Latin American Entrepreneurs Summit was held in the city of Punta del Este in Uruguay. The summit is China's first platform for promoting economic and trade cooperation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The summit will take place once a year. So far, it has been held in China and Latin American countries for ten times.

During the summit, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez and Vice President Lucia Topolansky met with Mu Gang, the Chairman of Lifan Group who was invited to attend the summit. Chairman Mu also delivered keynote speech at the opening ceremony on December 1.


The link between Latin America and Lifan on the early days
On December 1 local time, Chairman Mu made an English speech at the opening ceremony of the Eleventh China-Latin American Entrepreneur Summit. His impressive views, abundant contents, clear expression and strong affection impressed the audience.

Chairman Mu first recalled the scene in Latin America for the first time just 18 years ago, "I remember the first stop was Argentina, then Brazil. In that time, few people had this opportunity to have a personal understanding of Latin American culture. The passionate samba and tango were intoxicating, and we were deeply touched that we almost forget to catch up with the plane! "

It was the journey with both working and sightseeing that made the indissoluble relationship between Lifan and Latin America. "Then it took us five years to make Lifan motorcycles spread all over Latin America. In the past few years, the export to Latin American countries accounted for half of the export of Lifan motorcycle. Not only that, seven years ago, we brought the Lifan car to Latin America, and now it has been sold in more than 20 Latin American countries.” Mu Gang said.

"Direct export trade does not solve the long-term problem of the market."said Mu Gang. In 2012, Lifan invested and built an automobile engine factory and a vehicle assembly plant in Uruguay, and established a sales company in Brazil for self sales and service network.


It is this front-looking layout that creates a good situation in Latin America. “Lifan is Uruguay's only foreign investment vehicle factory so far. It is also the highest level car factory in Uruguay. Lifan Motors has been the bestselling brand of Chinese brands in Brazil for three consecutive years.” Mu Gang said proudly.

Coincidentally, Lewis Moreno, President of the Inter American Development Bank, first mentioned the development of Lifan in South America, and introduced the layout and operation of Uruguayan market in the speech. He stressed the importance of the global strategy of Lifan.

Uruguay attaches great importance to the new energy auto industry
On December 1 of local time, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez and Vice President Ma Peihua of the CPPCC National Committee visited the Lifan new energy booth, and they listened to the layout of ,manufacture, using,, energy operation and service of the Lifan new energy car’s whole industry chain. Vice President Ma Peihua also asked them about the vehicle mileage, battery technology and other aspects, and he sincerely hoped that Lifan continued to do well in the innovation of new energy technologies and improve the development of new energy.


Subsequently, Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez met with Mu Gang, the Chairman of Lifan Group in the special conference room of the exhibition center, and the two sides held a deep talk for about 30 minutes.

Yang Panhong, Executive Vice General Manager of the New Energy Department of Lifan, introduced the situation of Lifan new energy to Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez and Vice President Ma Peihua of the National Committee of CPPCC.



Picture: Tabare Vazquez, President of Uruguay, met with Mu Gang, Chairman of Lifan Group

Tabare Vazquez outlined the situation in Uruguay, he said, Uruguay is a country with stable politics, sound legal system and constitution-observing government, and the government is willing to actively cooperate with Lifan Group, taking Uruguay as the axis point to spread to neighboring countries. According to the Bilateral Trade Agreements between Brazil and Uruguay, Uruguay will ensure the sustained and stable export of Lifan Uruguay factory to Brazil.

President Tabare Vazquez introduced that Uruguay's petroleum energy is all imported, but its renewable energy is very rich. Now Uruguay's electric power has been exported at a large scale, so they attach great importance to the new energy industry.

"For the blue sky and white clouds in Uruguay, we must vigorously develop the new energy industry. We think highly of the development mode of Lifan's new energy chain, hoping to introduce Lifan new energy vehicle and business mode, which can first be promoted in taxis and timeshare leasing industry." To this end, President Tabare Vazquez decided that the presidential palace leads and sets up a special group to help promote the landing of new energy projects of Lifan. "The government will vigorously promote relevant policies in the light of the slogan 'Uruguay Nature'. At the same time, it also hopes Lifan to expand production capacity and launch new energy vehicle production line. Mr. President also promised to promote the development of new energy vehicles in Uruguay during the tenure of office, and invest in the construction of multiple electric vehicle infrastructure in Montevideo. At present, Uruguay has planned charge and exchange facilities along the line between two major tourist cities of Colonia and Punta del Este.

The new energy ecological chain of Lifan is expected to be implemented in Uruguay

"They really attached great importance to Lifan's new energy project. This is a talk of the President and Vice President, and years of cooperation with Uruguay has also made us confident.” Mu Gang said. In response to the needs of the Uruguayan side, Lifan plans to put new energy products in Uruguay to promote the localization of such core modules of new energy vehicle as electronic control and battery, and hopes that it is priority to develop timeshare leasing and taxi business of new energy vehicle, and radiated to other countries in Latin America from this starting point.

Earlier on November 30, Uruguayan Vice President Lucia Topolansky said in the talk with the Chairman Mu that she will vigorously support the promotion of the new energy projects, and that can be started from the vehicles of interior department, so as to encourage the use of new energy vehicles from the government level. And she herself will visit the Uruguayan factory next week to speed up the pace with Lifan on the project.


Picture: Uruguayan Vice President Lucia Topolansky and Chairman of Lifan Group Mu Gang held cordial talks

Just as what Mu said in a speech at the opening ceremony: "With the implementation of China ‘The Belt and Road’ initiative, China has gradually transformed from the exporter of low-end products to the importer of high-tech products and business model. The automotive industry is an important carrier of Chinese 'The Belt and Road' initiatives, and Lifan would especially like to take our new technology, products and business models to Latin American countries."

In the talks with Uruguayan President Tabare Vazquez, Mu Gang said, Lifan, as Chinese independent brand automobile enterprises, is struggling to upgrade technology and promote the new energy, making"The Belt and Road" more green and low-carbon. The new way of traveling and the personalization, cleverness and living of the car can also bring a completely different experience and diversity to human beings.


From left to right: Liu Jin, Executive Vice President of Lifan Motors Uruguay); Mu Gang, Chairman of Lifan Group; Tabare Vazquez, Uruguayan President; Carolina Cosse, Uruguayan Minister of Industry

Yang Panhong, Executive Deputy General Manager of the New Energy Business Department of Lifan; Pablo Revetria, Deputy General Manager of Lifan (Uruguay)

In terms of strategy, product and business model, Lifan combines the new energy and globalization as the two main directions of Lifan. On the product, Lifan adheres to the technical route for the combination of electric exchanging and charging, respectively according to the operation and the consumer market; on business model, Lifan has launched a Pand Auto platform, and carried out in-depth integration of electrification, intelligentization, network and sharing, and the operational indicators ranked in the forefront of the Chinese industry. Moreover, Lifan has been planning how to use unmanned driving for commercial products in the future to solve the problem of the last one kilometer. At present, the automatic driving of Version 2.0 of Lifan has been successful.

In the face of Latin American enthusiasm, Mu just finally said: "We are very open. As long as there is a need for Uruguay and other Latin American countries, we are willing to cooperate with governments and enterprises to wholeheartedly promote the reconstruction of new automobile industry, and make Latin America the paradise on earth!"


From left to right: Pablo Revetria, Deputy General Manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay; Liu Jin, Executive Deputy General Manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay; Yang Panhong, Executive Deputy General Manager of New Energy Business Department; Lewis Moreno, President of Inter American Development Bank; Mu Gang, Chairman of Lifan Group; Fernando Lueger Chis, Ambassador of Uruguay; Antonio Carámbula Sagasti, Executive Director of Uruguay Twenty-first Century Investment and Import Promotion Bureau