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Test Drive Activity of Lifan Motors Russia Ended with Success


12th, Dec., the test drive activity of Lifan Motors Russia put an official ending with success.This test-drive activity, which was combined with marketing training, started from Oct., and almost 2 months has passed from then on, which means crossing from autumn to winter,covering over thousands of people and the total test times has been beyond 3000,the main cities for this tour including Moscow, St. Petersburg, krasnoyarsk, Novosibirsk,Chelyabinsk,UFA,Samarra, Krasnodar and so on. Lifan MYWAY was taken as the leading role for this activity.


With the general deepening of this activity,more and more participants joined in, MYWAY , therefore, got more and more attentions from all walks of life. Except for Lifan MYWAY, all the participants also test drove the business car--Lifan 820, X60 with good reputation, the fashionable small-sized SUV lifan X50 and Lifan 650. Along with this, all the consumers got a close touch with Lifan’s salesmen, product managers and test drove cars together with them, which created a harmonious scene that even made the coldness of winter fade away. Moreover, the enthusiasm from the participants stimulated the great confidence of all the dealers, which received their highly praise. What’s worth mentioning is that Lifan Motors held a lucky draw during the activity, setting a brand new MYWAY as award, which pushed the whole ceremony to its climax with the announcement of this lucky guy.


Besides, the famous bank of Russia VTB24 and SOVCOM Bank also provided full support to this activity, who has arranged workers to give real-time credit information, moreover, they have also offered a quite favorable interest rate specialized for Lifan customers.


Mr. Sun Zejun--the executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors was present at the closing ceremony and extended his congratulations to the lucky prize-winner, he said “ Lifan Motors has been cultivating in Russia for ten years and ranking top among all the Chinese auto brands in Russia for 7 consecutive years, which made us get really good reputation among all the consumers as an independent Chinese auto brand. Meanwhile, we have been not only selling petrol cars in Russia, but also actively promoting sharing cars and periodical leasing, sparing no effort to provide more chances for consumers to experience the philosophy of Made in China and Sincerity from China. ”