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CCPC Ended with Success Lifan X80 Won Three Champions as Expected


2017 China Car Performance Challenge (CCPC) held its final competition at Yakeshi, Inner Mongolia, and the extreme coldness of minus forty degrees centigrade that day made the final round a cruel battle with heavy ice and snow, among which Lifan X80 was fearless towards the bitter cold weather, getting more and more brave after one and another competition, winning three champions finally.


Sweeping all the obstacles away, winning the comprehensive champion out of real strength.


The competition items including S-shaped slalom, fixed round test, test on the ice, track time trial were all conducted on the surface of ice, which demanded a quite strict control for vehicle and extreme stability of car body structure. However, by holding no fear to bitter snow and ice, possessing outstanding performance, being accompanied with ESP and TCS, Lifan X80 won the comprehensive champion without any doubt.

Conquering the cruel weather, getting champion in emergency braking


During the process of emergency braking, Lifan X80 won the champion with the grade of 60.7m, exceeding the second prize by 12.9m. Being matched with BOSCH EBA/BA, X80’s braking performance for emergency has been greatly enhanced, promising a quick brake in the shortest distance.

Another champion in fixed round test


X80 was matched with ABS+EBD, preventing sideslipping and drifting effectively, ensuring the positive track of vehicle, which helped it get the champion in fixed round test with the grade of 92.67 seconds, exceeding the second prize by 6.54 seconds.

Challenging to the limit, no fear for S-shaped slalom


During the S-shaped test, Lifan X80 won the second prize with only 0.93 seconds falling behind the champion by its steel caged body, abundant security configurations, which increased the confidence of racing driver, helping him drive flexibly among all the obstacles.


CCPC, being regarded as the ‘Olympic Games for auto industry’, is the only national professional auto competition with unmodified mass-product cars, which requires reliable quality as the first standard and techniques then. Lifan X80, combining excellent power, configurations with science and comfort together, passing the rigorous test of high temperature (in Karamay), high humidness(in Dafeng), extreme coldness(in Yakeshi), which proves its strength with practice. With the successful ending of competition in Yakeshi, the 2017 CCPC was put to an official closing. Although the competition has ended, the challenging way for Lifan X80 will never end.