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Lifan Motors Aims to Top all Chinese Brands in Argentina Jointly with LIFCAR


5th, Dec., local time, at the 2017 Dealers’ Convention Argentina, chairman of Lifan Group--Mr. Mu Gang announced two main goals for Lifan Motors in Argentina, including topping the sales volume of petrol vehicles in Argentina, introducing in Lifan Motors’ new energy cars to Argentina.


New energy cars of Lifan Motors will be introduced to Argentina

Argentinean market is quite significant for Lifan Motors in Latin America, Mu Gang said, Lifan Motors now has two main goals in Argentina, the first one is to top the sales volume of petrol vehicles in Argentina and to introduce in Lifan Motors’ new energy cars to Argentina.

“Chinese market will possess 10 million units of new energy cars by 2025, in accordance with this expectation, Lifan Motors will reach the target of 5:5 for petrol vehicles and new energy cars. ”, Mu Gang introduced, the use cost of new energy cars will be 40% lower than that of traditional petrol cars, and Lifan now has three car models which can be put into market, if possible, Uruguay will be for the first step in 2018.

In the meantime,Mr. Mu Gang also introduced various means and channels of new energy cars’stepping into markets, which were periodical leasing, electric delivery vehicle, common car purchasing from consumers, governments and groups, online car booking and taxis respectively.


At the Dealers’ Convention Argentina

To the mind of Mr. Mu Gang, battery-replacement mode for new energy cars has unparalleled advantage over periodical leasing and electric delivery vehicles, which provides reliable technical support for Lifan’s new energy cars establishing new market in Latin America. Of course, we’ll encourage all the consumers to buy new energy cars, for which we’ll make close cooperation with governments, helping Lifan exist in Latin America as soon as possible.” Mu Gang said.

Making Lifan Motors be popular in every corner of Argentina

In the globalization process, Lifan Motors was the quickest and earliest to respond to ‘go global’. During the past 20 years of going global, Lifan Motors has established 6 plants, 10 subsidiary companies, earning 15 billion USD by exporting, ranking the 117th place among top500 enterprises nationwide, standing at the first place among Chongqing’s enterprises for several consecutive years.


Outdoor Expo of Lifan Motors in Argentina

“Lifan Group has been devoting to the promotion of globalization strategy, keeping continuous upgrading for the quality of traditional petrol vehicles. Lifan’s products have stepped to the age of 3.0. We have promoted MYWAY, M7, X70 this year and the refitted X50 and A-level SUV will be in recent market plan.”, Mu Gang said, “Argentinean markets hold millions of cars, among which Lifan shares 2000 units. In the future, Lifan Motors will bring better and more high-end products to Argentina.”


It’s expected that the annual production of Chinese cars will reach 5000 units until 2025, among which 4000 units will be sold domestically and 1000 abroad. “There is only 1 million for export volume now, saying it is still a long way to go for Chinese auto enterprises”. Mu Gang stimulates all the people that an excellent product depends not only on perfect designing of appearance, quality of interior trim, good performance and comprehensive quality, but also on proper business operation, professional sales group and superior after-sales service, “it is testing time for close cooperation among Lifan Motors’ team , factories, distributor and dealers, and the target before us shall be extended consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits.”


Mu Gang and dealers

18 years ago, in 1999, Mu Gang visited Latin America for the first time with his team, setting Argentina as their first station, which left a quite deep impression on Mr. Mu. He said, “Argentine beef and the enthusiasm of Argentineans are both unforgettable to us, which pushes me to believe that Lifan Motors can thrive here.”Then, Lifan Group took five years to have Lifan’s motorcycle cover every corner of Latin America, and as following, Lifan Motors was introduced in and has been booming in over 20 countries. “Thanks this land for giving so much good opportunities, thanks LIFCAR, for such a professional, effective, united and positive team that the brand of Lifan is able to stand firm on Argentina and the heart of Agentineans. ”said Mr. Mu.

Until now, Lifan Motors has over 20 dealers in Argentina, which makes LIFAN the second largest Chinese brand in Argentina in terms of sales volume.