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Sales Volume of Russian Auto Industry in 2017: Lifan Motors Ranks the First among Chinese Auto Brand


According to the statistics released by AEB (Association of European Business), the auto market of Russia has ended the tendency of sales dropping for 4 consecutive years in 2017 when the sales volume climbed up to 1595737 units and increased by 12% compared with that of 2016. In the meantime, the registered users have reached 166013 by the end of December, 2017, which keeps increasing for 10 months consecutively, growing by the rate of 14%.

Among the multitudinous Chinese auto brands in Russia, Lifan Motors ranks the first with the annual sales volume of 16964 units and Cherry ranks the second with 5905 units. Changan Auto sold 1411 units in 2017.


As known, Russian market is the most significant part for the globalization strategy of Lifan Motors due to its top10 position worldwide. Since its entry into Russia in 2007, Lifan Motors has conquered various of challenges during over 10 years until now, developing and establishing a series of excellent solution on products, brands, service, technology, talents, localization, capital, finance and so on. By ranking the first among Chinese independent auto brands in Russia for 6 consecutive years, Lifan has been awarded ‘the most famous Chinese brand in Russia’ and ‘the most satisfactory manufacturer ’by Russian Association of Auto Dealers 2016 and the Russian National Dealers’ Convention. In May, 2017, Mr. Zhou Liqun -- member of Foreign Affairs Committee of CPPCC and vice president of Sino - Russian Friendship Association even took Lifan Motors as the successful example for going global of Chinese brands under the circumstance of ‘the Belt and Road’. In the meantime, Russian government gives high emphasis on auto industry, which helps to create a much better marketing environment for the development of Lifan Motors. Relying on strong covering capacity of Russian market, Lifan Motors takes it as the diving board that about 15% cars have been exported to Belarus and Kazakhstan, making good preparation for broader sales markets by a better complement of globalization strategy.