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lifan Motors ranks the second top among Chinese auto brands in Argentina, realizing an increasing ra


In 2017, the national economy of Argentina started to recover from the depression before, which pushed the sales condition of auto industry to a growing tendency. With its gradual open policy to Chinese enterprises, ‘Made in China ’started to be the mainstream of Argentinean market. As the rising star in Argentina (officially launched in 2016 ), Lifan Motors has even been the leading enterprise in the field of Argentinean micro-commercial cars’market by its amazing marketing performance.


In the year 2016, the sales volume of auto industry was 693348 units in total while that of 2017 climbed up to 888870 units, growing by the rate of 22%. In the meantime, the gradual opening policy of Argentina towards Chinese enterprises assisted the influence of ‘Made in China’ increase day by day and even become the mainstream of the market gradually. As one of the Chinese companies entering into the market of Argentina, Lifan Motors rapidly jumped to the rank of the second top among Asian Auto enterprises in Argentina within just one and a half year by taking advantage of careful marketing research, precise localization for blank markets, excellent understanding for the thoughts of consumers,good operating jointly with the cooperators and continuous supply of innovative, superior and unique products. Moreover, at the beginning of its launching in 2016, Lifan Motors took over part of Argentinean auto markets quite rapidly by introducing localized products and developing new category of vehicles in Argentina, whose cars of fashion appearance, reasonable price and satisfactory after-sales service made Lifan one of the kind in this field and the leading enterprise in the field of micro commercial cars. In Sep. 2017, Lifan MYWAY (X7)--a 7-seat SUV got its official launching in Argentina, which not only received highly praise from consumers but also made a perfect example of the excellent combination of SUV factors and family use. This car attracted lots of attention even before its launching, and the great passion and enthusiasm towards it from customers even made the striking scene of ‘behind the requirement’ in some areas.


From the official launching in June, 2016 till the end of the year, Lifan Motors sold 399 units of cars in total,sharing only 9.3% of the total sales volume of Chinese auto brands in Argentina, while it increased to 1838 units until 2017, which means 4 times more than that of 2016, sharing up to 20.43% in the market, making Lifan ascend to the second top among Chinese independent auto companies in Argentina. Meanwhile, the product line of Lifan developed from the commercial cars only to the tendency of perfect integration of passenger and commercial cars. As far as concerned, the sales network of Lifan Motors in Argentina has reached 24, covering its majority of cities, and all of these sales and after-sales networks are independent by themselves. With the increasingly high recognition from consumers towards Lifan, the popularity of Lifan Motors in markets also gets higher and higher, and more and more consumers keep continuous eager for more and more new products from Lifan Motors.


In the year 2018, Lifan will step into the critical period of car model replacement, which means the X50 will be replaced by X50II with prettier appearance and more implement performance, X60 will be taken over by X70. In addition, in order to meet marketing competition and demands from consumers, the highly-praised 7-seat MPV--Lifan M7 will also be introduced in.

Argentinean markets has made good preparation for the development of Lifan Motors, we believe that Lifan will not disappoint anyone with the cooperation of all parts related. With the deeply cultivation in Argentina and utmost endeavor of all, Lifan will definitely create another legend of sales here.