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Amazing Show of Lifan X50 in Uruguayan Carnival


24th-25th, Feb., 2018, local time, Lifan Motors Uruguay held an interesting outdoor exhibition for Lifan X50 in the circular Grand Theater of Montevideo as a respond to the topic of Carnival. During this activity, hundreds of customers got close to Lifan X50, making a clear and direct understading of its apperance, interiors and configurations , which proved a perfect effect of this exhibition. In the meantime, Lifan Motors received a great deal of interaction with Lifan fans on social meadia, hundreds of customers’ information with purchase willingness and appointments for test drive off line.


As introduced,Uruguayan Carnival is an annual celebration activity among all the Uruguayans which lasts for 40 days, being called “the longest Carnival in the world”. In the year 2007, the Supreme Presidential Palace of Uruguay defined it as “the national highest-level cultural festival among all the Uruguayans” officially. Among its colorful celebration activities, Muroga Opera in the circular Grand Theater is the most well-known and popular one. In terms of research, the daily population gathered by Muroga Opera reaches up to 5000, and the majority of them are middle or high-income families, which just belong to the target customers of Lifan Motors in Uruguay. Being the only auto brand of this activity, Lifan X50, which sets its basis on “youth, family, passsion”, atttracts lots of attentions.


Actually, Lifan Motors has made many advertisements in various social media before the official launching of this outdoor exhibition. In the activity, there is exhibition area for the entry and central stage, gathering many audiences to take participation in the activity of “spending Carnival with Lifan Motors”. All the participants made Muroga facial makeup firstly by the cosmetician and then took a picture with Lifan X50, finally, having the pictures posted on their own personal social media account. Moreover, there was also live show on the live media plattform. Lifan Motors made an on-line interaction with fans on the foundation of pictures and videos taken on the activity, which had the brand image of Lifan Motors(warm, energetic, positive and innovated)upgraded greately and its brand effect expanded a lot.As a celebrity car among Lifan family, X50 also got much closer to the heart of customers.


Since its launching, Lifan X50 has received numerous praise from customers on its apperance, comfort, and cost performance。The sales volume and marketing share of X50 climbs higher and higher, which has already ranked the top 3 among the counterparts, perfectly representing the new product, new quality and new image of Lifan Motors abroad.


It’s worth mentioning that Lifan Motors Uruguay plans to launch the modified X50 in the second half of 2018. We believe that Lifan Motors Uruguay will made brand new improvements and development with the joint efforts of all levels of company, helping Lifan Motors be the very top among Chinese auto brands in Uruguay.