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From South America to Yangtze River-- Employees from Lifan Motors Uruguay Visits China


At the arrival of 2018, news of victory came from Lifan Motors Uruguay, which said it had exceeded the sales target in 2017. Therefore, to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees further, Lifan Motors Uruguay made the decision to elect 2 representatives of employees to visit the headquarter of Lifan Motors in Chongqing, China. As a result, Fernando and Rita got this chance.


In the year 2017, by taking advantage of the improvement on foreign exchange, container transportation, the efficiency of employees ,cost of materials and labors,the Plant of Lifan Motors Uruguay has manufactured 2150 units of cars in total, 19% more than that of expectation, and sold 890 units of finished cars the whole year around, 8% more than that of expectation. Mr. Mu Gang--chairman of Lifan Group made highly praise on this and best wish on the performance in 2018. To ensure the best condition of all the employees, Lifan Motors Uruguay sponsored two of them a visit to China through election. Finally, Fernando and Rita, crossing an 11-hour time lag, paid a visit to Chongqing on behalf of all the staff. During their trip, they were deeply amazed at the grand scale of Lifan Group and ready to tell all they witnessed and felt here to their colleagues.

2nd, Jan., accompanied and guided by Yin Tianjun -- deputy general manager of Lifan Motors Uruguay, Zhang Dehui -- general manager assistant, and Wu Chengxi -- business personnel, Fernando and Rita visited the auto base of Lifan Group headquarter and were given a warmly welcome by Sun Zejun-- executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors. After a close seeing for press workshop, assembly workshop and logistics area, they were shocked at the working speed of one metal plate every minute, multitudinous work stations and amazing efficiency of packing and delivery.

Right after 2nd, Jan., Fernando and Rita went for the most spectacular plant of Lifan Group in Sanxikou, seeing the work stations up to 108 and the grandness of Lifan Group Institute and Lifan Motorcycle plant. The simultaneous operation of seven product line, one finished motorcycle every minute shocked these two guests coming far from Uruguay. All these made them so proud for working as a “Lifaner ”.


Fernando and Rita also got a close contact with the unique culture and beautiful scenery of Chongqing, where the headquarter of Lifan Group stands. The delicious food like spicy hot pot , stuffed bun, dumplings and so on, spectacular night view at Jiefangbei, Hongyadong Ciqikou and so on, all these left a deep impression on them and even forgot to return.


Speaking of this journey to China, Fernando, who is responsible for craft, even couldn’t help being excited, he said:”this is an unforgettable experience I never dreamed before, everybody here are so friendly and enthusiastic. I am impressed on the modern devices of Lifan Motors factory, completely automatic product line, high efficiency of all the staff, in the meantime, the repairing area takes just a quite small place for almost all the cars manufactured here don’t need repairing at all. Lifan Group is of such large scale in China while chose to invest and establish factories in small country like Uruguay, which made me be touched so deeply and inspired me a lot. To give a perfect feedback to Lifan Motors, we will continue to exert ourselves, making Lifan a better future with joint hands. ”

Fernando and Rita sent an e-mail to Mr. Sun Zejun-- executive deputy general manager of Lifan Motors before leaving, in which expressed their appreciation for this visit to China, they said,”the recovery production of Lifan Motors in Uruguay provided us chance for working here, and Lifan Motors Uruguay has made great achievements with the joint efforts of Chinese leaders and Uruguayan employees. However, through this visit to Lifan Group headquarter, we understood that the production efficiency of Lifan Motors still needs lots of improvement and we will deliver all we saw here to our colleagues as stimulation for them. Thanks Mr. Sun and all the other leaders for your support to this journey. We will spare no efforts to work harder in the future, making Lifan Motors Uruguay better and better together.