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Making Perfect Preparation for New Car’s Launching her Climax Aroused by All the Old and New Models


The 4-day training for new models(X7/X70)and after-sales management ,which is the first after-sales training after the replacement of new distributor by Lifan Motors in 2016 was held on schedule in Santiago, Chile, from April 9 to 12. 15 service technicians from Chile's secondary maintenance station participated in .


It is understood that this training has greatly met the demands of dealers in South America for 2018. What’s worth mentioning is that this is the first training of Lifan Motors Chile after Gason Oliva--the distributor technical manager’s participation in the internal training at training center of Lifan Motors headquarter.

During the training, the after-sales service engineers and training instructors of MACO Company focused on the development of Lifan Group, the claims policy in 2018, the Lifan EPC function, the use of Lifan DMS claims system and other aspects in accordance with the unique characteristics of Chilean market.

In addition, the contents related to X7 / X70 were also part of the focus of this training. X7, launched in Chile by the end of 2017, has won a great recognition and reputation among local consumers by its modern appearance, abundant configurations and quite competitive retailing price. And X70, a brand new SUV with better quality customized for overseas markets, is also the focus model for 2018 .


As known, after a localized training on the manufacturer of Lifan Motors and the special requirements of maintenance station, Gaston Oliva also conducted a theoretical illustration and field-based instruction for the unique function, technological characteristics of X7 and X70 (which will be launched soon). Through the assembling, disassembling, function test of the key components and the matching of every electric appliance system, all the trainees got a comprehensive understanding about the technical features and functions of the new vehicle models.

On the closing ceremony, Eric Griffths-- general manager of Maco company affirmed the importance of the training and success of this one, meanwhile, he also extended his appreciation to all the trainees for their efforts, saying that the introduction of new models in Chilean market will bring new opportunities for the year 2018.

In addition, the business personnel in Chilean Lifan office made further communication with the trainees. He hoped that they would continue providing strong support to Lifan Motors and its upcoming new products to enhance the publicity of Lifan brand jointly and work hard for better reputation.

In the end, Gaston Oliva awarded all the trainees course-completion certificates and gifts, and no.1 of the test was awarded a special prize.