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Ethiopian X7 Mini World Cup kicks off Pulling off "Lifan's World Cup Series Activities"


Less than a month after the opening of the World Cup in Russia, Lifan Motors launched a series of activities for the “World Cup of Fun” in various markets as a global brand. Various markets such as Russia, Ethiopia, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil have conducted various forms of online and offline activities which make Lifans around the world not only have enjoyed the happiness of football, but also interpret the charm of Lifan Motors.


On May 19, the Lifan X7 Mini Football World Cup in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, kicked off the prelude to Lifan's global series activities. 32 teams from Ethiopian government departments, banks, insurance companies, media and major customer representatives, 576 people participated in this mini-World Cup event. All the rules of the competition are exactly the same as those of the World Cup in Russia. Only the duration of the game is shortened to 50 minutes.


In the first match, the host Lifan Motors, representing the Russian national team is versus the DANAS taxi team representing the Saudi Arabian national team. Nearly a thousand audiences cheered for the two teams. With the whistle of Andrea Radaelli, the coach of the Ethiopian youth national team from Italy, the game officially began.


AULUA from Lifan Motors debuted a small climax with a beautiful goal and won the cheers of the audiences. ALULA scored the victory twice. DANAS taxi player YOUNSE regained one at the last moment. After fierce competition for 50 minutes, Lifan Motors finally won the first game with a score of 7:1. The fighting spirit of the DANAS taxis made a wonderful game for the fans.


After the match, the audience said that the activity held by Lifan Motors was very interesting, which allowed the Ethiopian football enthusiasm to be released and brought them closer to each other. Although they could not see the World Cup in Russia, they could see the mini World Cup at home. Seeing the players galloping on the field, they also felt very satisfied inside. They also excitedly mentioned that the next month will continue to focus on other teams' games and hope that the players will bring more surprise.