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Premiere of Lifan X80 in Brazil 7-star Configurations Stand out from the Counterparts


 June 18, 2018, Lifan X80 held its launching ceremony and media test drive in Sao Paulo as the first luxury full-scale 7-seat SUV of Lifan Motors, which pushes Brazil be the first launching market for Lifan X80 overseas. The concept “THE BEST CHINESE SUV IN BRASIL”awards concordant agreement among all the participants present, and they can identify with all the Lifaners that “China is making a great step forward to the traditional auto manufacturing giants.”



Through 6-year endeavor on brand strengthening and reputation building in Brazil, Lifan Motors has made a comprehensive preparation for its official launching of new car models, and doubtlessly, X80,who integrates good performance, extreme quality with perfect appearance has turned a brand new page for Lifan Motors in Brazilian markets. At this lauching ceremony, almost one hundred well-known Brazilian media take participation in, who help consumers get knowledge about X80 from various sides and levels. Moreover, the 180km test drive provides participants a deep and true experience about the quality and charm of X80.


As introduced, all the media participated in test drive marval at various technological configurations of X80 including its power performance, NVH control, comfort, virtual dashboard, electronic parking system, keyless entry system, multimedia system with Car Play/Mirro-link, auxiliary function for safety and so on, all of which present full sincerity of Lifan Motors.


October, 2016, Lifan X80 got its first show in Brazil at Sao Paulo auto show. As a brand new luxury full-scale SUV made in China,X80 is equipped with spacious 7-seat space, strong appearance, luxurious interiors, 2.0 turbocharged engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and so on, and this kind of super 7-star configurations attract extensive attention among Brazilian auto industry right after its first presentation. Meanwhile, the whole auto market holds a quite high expectation to the launching time and market positioning then.


October, 2017, several Brazilian mainstream auto media took a visit to the headquarter of Lifan Group for exploring the future product planning and brand strategy of Lifan Motors in Brazil, for which Lifan authorative expresses that “Lifan Motors will adjust the manufacturing idea in the future, focusing on the production of vehicles with better quality and comprehensive performance, making a complete change on the previous image about Chinese auto brand--only cost performance prevails. ”Today, Lifan X80 launches as a flagship SUV to our expectation, which proves it deserves all the praise.

According to introduction, Lifan Motors will promote X80 VIP model firstly in Brazilian market, which is equipped with 2.0 turbochaged engine with a maximum power of 141kW and maximum torque of 286N.m, moreover, it carries with a 6-speed AMT. As reported, the end-sales price is 129,777BRL (equals to around 225,000 CNY ), creating the highest sales price record of Chinese auto in Brazil, which is approximately to that of some SUV counterparts from traditional famous auto brands like Volkswagen, Jeep, Mitsubishi and so on. This demonstrates the determination and efficient execution of Lifan Motors on the manufacturing of high-quality cars, showing high confidence of Lifan Motors on breaking the image of Chinese auto brand with only high cost performance.