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X70 Launches in Argentina Second Bloom Brings Another Prime to Latin America


 April 2018, Lifan Motors launched its brand new SUV-X70 in Beijing International Auto Show, which is a new car model exclusively for overseas markets.Previously,April this year, X70 has launched in Russia, May in Uruguay,both of which have given rise to a prime locally.June 28,it ushered in its second show in Latin America,launching in Argentina to our expectation.


During recent years,Lifan Motors has been devoting to advancing globalization strategy and improving the quality of petrol vehicles, which brings it to a transitory stage of product 3.0.The manufacturing of X70 takes the latest quality control system this time,so we believe that it can be another hot-sales SUV in Argentina after MYWAY.”We hold enough confidence to X70.”,said Daniel Lucesoli-vice chairman of Lifcar,partner of Lifan Motors overseas.


At the test drive activity,the show of X70 attracted the attention of all.Speaking of the appearance,it is fashion and dynamic,concise but powerful,being endowed with a strong sense of sculpture,and the smooth line of the whole car and hidden-designed C-pillar assist for the beauty of it. As for configurations,X70 is equipped with a 2.0L VVT engine with max power of 104kw,and there are two choice for transmission-MT and CVT. The 9-inch display screen exceeds almost all the counterparts, which is available for both Androidauto and Carplay.Besides,various technological configurations like one-button start,cruise control,hill-start assist and so on included in.

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With the gradual upgrading of brand reputation,local consumers hold a higher and higher recognition to the image of Lifan Motors,and the products of Lifan Motors get more and more popular in auto markets.Since officially entering Argentina in 2016,Lifan Motors finishes its surpassing with excellent performance within only two years.The sales network of Argentina has reached 29,with 360% year-on-year growth in terms of sales, winning the second top among all the Chinese auto brands in Argentina.


As introduced by Paula-general manager of Lifcar, Argentina has provided perfect preconditions for the development of Lifan Motors,and Lifan will definitely promote better,higher-end products to Argentinean market. Meanwhile,the positive self-implement on service system will never stop to form the closed cycle between products and after-sales service.Adhering to reputation,credit, customer first, perseverance, localization and finance, Lifan Motors will bring more and more confidence to consumers on “made by Lifan”.