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The 5th Sino-Russia Fair Held in Russia Lifan Motors Made A Brilliant Show with X70


As the highest-level and the largest-scaled comprehensive fair with theme of “New start, new opportuinity, new future”,the 5th Sino-Russia Fair is on from July 9 to 12 in Yekaterinburg,Russia.


World Cup themed Lifan Motors Matryoshka


Lifan X70


Booth for autonomous driving sand table of Pand Auto



 Mr. Denis Mandrov_minister of Russian Federation Ministry of Industry & Trade is visiting Lifan Motors booth.

Lifan Motors has long been receiving extensive attention from all walks of life in Russia,so is it during this expo.Through continuous brand innovation,quality revolution and after-sales service system upgrading, Lifan Motors has been breaking the sales records of Chinese auto in Russia and being the top-sales Chinese brand for 7 consecutive years.

At the fair, Mr. Denis Mandrov_minister of Russian Federation Ministry of Industry & Trade, together with Mr.Evgeny Vladimirovich_governor of Sverdlovsk paid a special interest in Lifan Motors booth and listened carefully to its development story.Meanwhile, they made a careful tasting towards Lifan X70 and sand table of Pand Auto, moreover, both of them made concordant praise on sharing autos of Lifan Motors.

By taking perfect advantage of this fair,X70 made an attractive show as the representative of product 3.0 from Lifan Motors, who left a deep impression on all the participants by its fashion,dynamic appearance and plenty technological configurations. In the meantime, there are also sand table and autonomous driving of Pand Auto being exhibited, which got concordant praise from all the people present.

Mr. Denis Mandrov_minister of Russian Federation Ministry of Industry & Trade is visiting Lifan Motors booth.


 Mr. Evgeny Vladimirovich--governor of Sverdlovsk is visiting Lifan Motors’ booth