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Lifan Group: Sticking Firmly to Manufacturing, Holding Tight to Innovation and Export --Tang Liangzh


 August 8, the group led by Mr. Tang Liangzhi--deputy municipal party secretary and mayor of Chongqing had a visit in Lifan plant Yuanyang, taking a comprehensive investigation at workshop and made some encouraging words to Lifan: Sticking firmly to manufacturing, keeping the most important power--innovation and export. During the visit, Mu Gang--chairman of Lifan Group, Wang Yanhui--vice chairman, Ma Ke-president and Gao Yu--CEO of Pand Auto accompanied.

Mr. Tang Liangzhi expressed his deep impression on the “go-global ” way of Lifan Group, besides, the governmental delegation at his leadership took participation in the 5th Sino-Russia Fair, during which he witnessed the signing of 100 million USD intent order.”Going global requires not only courage, but also ability. As said by Mr. Yin Mingshan that it will never come to nothing when we hold tight to innovation and export. In addition, manufacturing is the fundamental work for Lifan Group, so it has to be given patience and perseverance.”

As for this, Ma Ke--president of Lifan Group expressed,” The temporary difficulty will never last. Lifan Group has made the determination to stick to manufacturing, promising a perfect performance on our basic work. As we all see, Lifan cars are running at every corner of Ethiopia; so is it in Russia as taxi and sharing car, moreover, Lifan Motors has been being the top-sales auto brand there for 7 consecutive years; meanwhile, the sharing auto by Lifan Motors will soon be put into operation in Argentina. In the meantime, we will accelerate the development of intelligent new energy cars strategy, for which partial achievement has been made. As expected, the sales of new energy cars will exceed that of traditional petroleum cars for the first time. ”Gao Yu introduced the operation of Pand Auto during the investigation,” The primary car models are 330EV and 650 EV for the time being. We have put 500 650EV into operation in Wuhan, and there will be 1000 more according to our expectation” . Hearing that Pand Auto has operated in Wuhan, Mr. Tang Liangzhi paid special attention to its overall condition of operation and management.

“There are 3000 units of sharing cars operating in Chongqing, and some of them will be replaced by new ones with mileage of over 300km.”Gao Yu answered that Pand Auto mainly relies on self-independent intelligent scheduling platform in terms of cars’ controlling and management,” We can know the using condition clearly through the platform, getting well known for the information like battery percent , cleaning condition and so on. Besides, the operation cost of Pand Auto is decreasing continuously by quarter depending on AI scheduling platform.”

After 3-year development, Pand Auto has put over 17000 units of cars operated in Chongqing, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Wuhan and so on, and the registration users have been over 3.2million, proving that it has taken the lead in sharing auto industry comprehensively. Tang Liangzhi expressed his great praise to the excellent performance of Pand Auto. He encourages Lifan Group to grasp the opportunity of new energy, mobile internet, sharing economy, sparing no effort to develop some new models and commercial activities like intelligent manufacturing, service-directed manufacturing, industrial internet and so on, driving the development of intelligent internet cars, automotive electronics.

At last, Ma Ke illustrated the development blueprint of Lifan Group to Tang Liangzhi,” The key profit will not come from finished cars’ selling for Lifan Group in the future but from the deep analysis towards users’ mobility data and providing service like pointed cars’ management, maintenance, vehicle-mounted system and application, through which we can realize the transformation and upgrading from auto manufacturing to intelligent mobility, making Lifan the first mobile internet data brand across auto brand, vehicles and mobility scene. ”



Gao Yu is illustrating the operation conditions of Pand Auto to Mayor Tang




Gao Yu is illustrating the operation conditions of Pand Auto to Mayor Tang