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Entering Uruguay Is a Smart Choice of Lifan


 On the afternoon of August 23, at the news conference of the Smart China Expo 2018, the Foreign Minister of Uruguay Mr. Rodolfo Nin Novoa announced to launch the Uruguay-China Week in Chongqing station.



At the launching hall, the board chairman of Lifan Group Mr. Mu Gang was invited to deliver a speech. He said, “ The distance between Uruguay and China is just like the two pivots of the earth. Through connecting the pivots, the line of the Belt and Road is extended, linking the economy, culture and the unique earth that we live in.

As learned, Lifan purchased a local auto assembly factory in Uruguay early in 2013 and established the first Chinese auto engine factory in Uruguay. The annual design capacity of the factory is 40,000 units, which is the Chinese auto factory with the largest investment, strongest production capacity and top sales in Uruguay.

“Entering Uruguay is Lifan’s smart choice.” said Mu Gang at the speech.


The street is busy every day in Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. And the logo of Lifan appears everywhere, which is indeed the pride of Lifan people in Uruguay.

In some big cities of Uruguay, it is easy to see all kinds of Lifan models. Lifan 620, as the local popular model, covers 8.3% among all taxi sales in Montevideo. Just due to its good brand reputation, many local people can accurately pronounce LIFAN, even saying “Lifan” to Chinese people instead of Hello.

As introduced by Mu Gang, Lifan plans to accelerate introducing new energy products to Uruguay, driving the localization of the core module of new energy auto electronic control and cell, and hoping the periodic lease and taxi for new energy car will come down to the ground in the near future. Take this as the entry point to cover other Latin countries, making Latin people to feel Chinese service from afar.

After the launching activity at the expo, the group lead by the Foreign Minister of Uruguay Mr. Rodolfo Nin Novoa paid a visit to the headoffice of Lifan Group.