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Lifan Unveiled Smart China Expo to Create the Smart Car Life


From August 23rd to 25th, the Smart China Expo was held in Chongqing, Lifan brought smart new energy vehicles travel solution to the future smart life experience zone. At the scene, the audience can not only experience the “driverless” black tech, but also perceive the future smart car life in advance. They can also learn how to collect, analyze and manage the information of all links of the product life cycle eco-chain of Lifan Motors, and realize the intelligent dispatching and whole-course monitoring of parts, production, testing, storage, transportation and other links in the automobile manufacturing process.

At the Smart China Expo, Lifan New Energy Vehicles Smart Travel Experience Pavilion showed the public a blueprint for smarter manufacturing with higher energy efficiency, lower emissions. Then, Lifan presented the smart travel mode in the future, focusing on smart manufacturing, smart new energy vehicles and smart travel solutions, combined with the commercial applications of Vimicro ADAS smart chips, Desay SV smart cockpit and driverless technology.

The life cycle of automobiles, from manufacturing to product use, is filled with data information of many different dimensions. Through the collection of information on all links of the production eco-chain, Lifan unifies the dimensions of different links. Lifan analyzes and manages them to optimize products and bring better user travel experience. For example, the vehicle sends an alarm on the road, and the data shows that the parts need to be replaced, the information will be returned to the Lifan factory and do real-time analysis to inform the user of the problem, the nearest service station location, price, etc.


In addition, Lifan integrates AR technology into the industrial monitoring system, based on real production line simulation, reflecting the production process and running state in real time. Through the AI smart industry 4.0 perceptual device, combined with intuitive data, animation, color and other information-rich digital signage, the factory can achieve full-process video recording, full-material video filing and real-time online viewing functions.


From fuel vehicles to new energy vehicles, it is a comprehensive change which involves key technologies such as design, material application, power assembly and chassis matching and so on. Lifan aimed at many bottlenecks in the industry and the automobile market. The driverless technology enabled Lifan Motors to open the last mile of the shared car and moved the service to Russia in a proper manner, allowing Russian friends to experience China’s shared car service. In 2017, Lifan Motors teamed up with Russian shared car company Lifcar to launch 250 X50s as operating vehicles in Moscow and added nearly 1,000 vehicles in a few months. As of April this year, Lifan Russia’s periodical leasing users have reached 27,870 and the number of users continues to grow rapidly.


In the future, automobiles will become an open smart mobility tool that connects cars with cars, cars with people, cars with traffic environment, cars with the Internet. However, what Lifan needs to do is to transform and upgrade from traditional single product providers to smart travel solution operators through smart manufacturing, relying on smart new energy vehicles and smart mobility solutions.