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Lifan Took Part in Moscow International Auto Show 2018 The Sales Increase 6% in the first half yea


From August 29 to September 9, the 19th Moscow International Auto Show was grandly held in Moscow Crocus Expo Center. Lifan Motors, as the leading Chinese auto enterprise in Russia, exhibited with the booth covering 1300㎡ . As the first Chinese enterprises entering Russian market, Lifan has explored there for 11 years and been the No.1 sales among independent Chinese auto enterprises for 11 consecutive years. Learned from the latest data, the sales of Lifan in Russia has increased 6% in the first half year of 2018.


As introduced, Lifan exhibited the all new 7-seat model Lifan X80, M7 as well as Lifan 820EV, presenting its future development to all the circles of Russia. Lifan will take manufacturing as the core; build two all new brands, and incubate four auto after-market service companies. And the two all new brands have their own divisions that one is for middle and high end, and the other faces the middle and low end, both of which can meet the different consumer groups. The incubating four auto after-market service companies serve the users with their knock-out products. The first is Pand Auto, which focuses on the mobility service in the sharing field. The second is the shifting energy, which is the secondary supplier for energy, namely the professional electric energy service company from battery replacement to charging. The third is the service brand, which is like the community service store lead by the after market. All the service from the customer buying a car online to the vehicle scrapping is supported by the service brand. The fourth is the auto finance service company, which is under the establishment and will cooperate with the bank. It is easy to see that Lifan which has entered the new energy auto industry early in 2010 has well distributed the Smart New Energy Auto market.


From the gasoline car to the new energy car, cover the complete transformation of key technologies such as appearance design, material application, power assembly and chassis matching. Lifan aims at the pain spots of the industry, consequently aiming at the pain spots of the auto market. The autonomous driving makes Lifan Motors up to the destination of sharing cars, and such service is placed to Russia for distribution and operation of sharing cars, making Russian friends experience the intimation and completion of sharing auto service from China.


Since the launching of all new SUV Lifan X70 in Russia this April, the sales of the first quarter looks good that the supply falls short of demand. Lifan X7, as the high cost-performance 7-seat family SUV, has also achieved good results which is favored by the customers. The executive vice general manager of Lifan Motors Mr. Sun Zejun said, “Lifan has explored in Russia for 11 years. We always focus on the philosophy of serving customers, and contribute our efforts for the development of the auto industry. We will keep on this and increasingly launch excellent products and service”.


With the extention of globalization stratey, Lifan will launch more and more excellent products to better adapt to the overseas market and realize the personalized cutomization, bringing more comfortable driving and seating experience.