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Chile Launched X70 Sales Training to Unveil the Mystery of New Model


Recently, the pre-market sales training of the new model X70 was launched in San Diego as scheduled. The participating dealers received comprehensive training for the contents of technology, sales and test drive.


The X70 is a new model launched by Lifan for overseas markets. As the new upgraded SUV with extraordinary quality, Lifan X70 has been carefully developed and adapted to various markets. The design concept and product use are more suitable for the demands of South American and Russian consumers. The launch of X70 in Uruguay and Argentina has caused a boom in sales, which also reflected Lifan’s “Personalized customization” service on the basis of globalization strategy.


In appearance, X70 has a stylish and dynamic appearance, and its overall shape is simple and tensile. In configuration, it meets kinds of demands, equipped with 2.0vvt engine, 9-inch central control large screen, and supports androidauto and carplay.


According to reports, in Chilean market, Lifan has shifted its focus from commercial vehicles to passenger cars. The product line is rich, ranging from the small SUV X50 to the intermediate SUV X60, and the seven-seat SUV X7. Next, the launching of the X70 is crucial, which will further stabilize the local passenger car brand image of Lifan. The Chilean distributor said that the X7 launching has become a local hot cake last year, and it is difficult to get a car. "We are more confident about X70, improve our service system actively, form a closed loop of products and after-sales, and bring better products and services to local consumers in Chile."


During the training, the students were also full of praise for the X70.
The Chilean distributor made detailed technical explanations for this model, and at the same time, we analyzed the pros and cons of competing products, summed up the sales talk; Trainees also actively asked questions and exchanged sales experiences.