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Lifan Has Rooted in Africa for 15 years Two African Presidents Come to Visit Lifan Group


Lifan Group, having rooted in Africa for 15 years, respectively received the president of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau Jose Mario Vaz on September 2 and the president of the Republic of Chad Idriss Deby on 6th.


Both of the presidents paid a visit to Lifan workshops and showrooms, giving high praise to Lifan’s information management system which strictly controls the manufacturing quality as well as the abundant product lineup. They hope to bring Lifan products and technology to Africa.


President Vaz and the delegation visited Lifan motorcycle factory and product showroom, showing their great interest in the manufacturing and assembling.

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At the showroom, the President Vaz was attracted by the various products. After hearing that there were over 200 Lifan motorcycle products, he was quite amazed and nodded. He asked Lifan staff for each product’s price, configurations and characters. When walking by the V16 and KPT patrol motorcycle, President Vaz stopped and listened carefully to the introduction. Hearing that these two models have both good sales and reputation in China and overseas markets, he hoped to purchase Lifan motorcycles from civil to police use, and sincerely invited Lifan to establish a factory in Guinea-Bissau to help develop the local economy and create more job opportunities.

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The president of Lifan Group Ma Ke extended his gratitude for President Vaz’s recognition and invitation. He said, Lifan started overseas market early in 1998. The motorcycle products have been exported to over 140 countries and areas, owning a great deal of overseas markets exploring experience and strong network. In recent years, while carrying on the globalization strategy, Lifan also attaches great importance on new energy, and has launched series of new energy cars and motorcycles.


In Lifan motorcycle workshop, president Deby listened carefully and asked for the technical merits of the facilities, operation process and the product process. While seeing the scooter at the production line, President Deby said with joy, “This kind of scooter suits for our country’s ladies.”

The board chairman of Lifan Group Mu Gang introduced to the President Deby, “ Lifan motorcycle has fully realized the information management that all the model process on the production line has been put into the system. Each model will be scanned when put online. The computer will display the corresponding manufacturing process when assembling the models. ”

Among the variety of products, President Deby showed his great interest in the tricycles. He thought that the tricycle would be favored by the Chad people. Lifan’s tricycles and generators are quite popular in Africa that the sales increase year by year, which is closely related with African economic development. Introduced by the executive vice president Yang Bo, President Deby said joyfully that he would ask the Chad Embassy to China to discuss the cooperation with Lifan.

Since entering Africa in 2003, by the end of 2017, the total motorcycles for Lifan exporting to Africa are over 2 million units with annual export revenue of 60 million USD. Nigeria, Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Cameroon, Algeria, Angola etc. are all the key markets of Lifan motorcycle in Africa.